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´╗┐Dr. Phil Diet Plan

Dr. Phil's The Ultimate Weight Solution is a unique diet plan. This plan addresses not only what to eat, but why individuals eat the way they do. In response, Dr. Phil offers seven keys to weight loss freedom. Dr. Phil states that an individual should choose their goal weight based on where that individual feels good at.

The diet plan is all about high yield high response foods. These are the foods that take awhile to prepare, take awhile to eat, and are not convenient. These kinds of foods have lots nutrients and include colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, eggs, fish, lean meats, legumes, tofu, non fat milk products, soy products, water, herbal teas, and soups. The diet plan also advocates using meal replacement bars and shakes when individuals are tired and stressed. But they should not be used all the time.

- Sample breakfast: Small omelet filled with vegetables, half a grapefruit, and grits.
- Sample lunch: Salmon, lettuce and tomato salad, brown rice.
- Sample dinner: Lean roast beef, turkey breast, chicken, or fish; spinach or broccoli, small baked potato or yam.

This diet plan also recommends reducing intake of starchy vegetables, and keeping oils and fats to a minimum. Individuals should keep portions to a minimum. This diet plan advocates trading bad behaviors for better ones for example instead of going out drinking with friends meet them at the gym instead, or ask for diet soda instead.

The other part of this diet plan is addressing why individuals have the eating habits that they do. This is where the seven keys come in. The first key is right thinking, which is about getting rid of negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive patterns. The second key is healing feelings. This is about making choices to stop overeating due to stress, or emotions. The third key is a no fail environment. This key is about creating an environment where good choices can be made. The fourth key is mastery over food and impulse eating. This key is about learning why an individual chooses to compulsively over eat, and choosing to change those reasons. The fifth key is high response high yield foods. The sixth key is intentional exercise.

Exercising regularly influences an individual's body and state of mind. The seventh key is your circle of support. Keeping people who will support an individual in their goals will help keep the weight off.

This diet plan is all about changing attitudes for a long term plan to keep a healthy body weight.