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Many people become mislead when they read the various reports on diet supplement comparison sites on the internet, at health food stores, or even when talking with friends that are also trying to lose weight. One of the biggest problems with diet supplement comparison data is that it is really not obtained scientifically; rather it tends to be a collection of statements that either indicate the product worked or indicate that it didn't. What these diet supplement comparison sites fail to take into account are:

- How closely did the individual follow the diet supplement instructions or plan?
- Did the dieter combine products or diet plans or supplements?
- What was the total amount of weight they had to lose and how long did it take?
- What side effects, if any, did the participants in the study notice?
- How did they feel during the weight loss process?

It is important to keep these questions in mind because all people react differently to diet supplements. Comparison of very different individuals with huge differences in weight loss goals and overall fitness levels in ineffective and generally not that helpful to most people.

One way to learn about the type of diet supplements that would work best for your current health and weight loss goals is to talk to your doctors. The often can give the most appropriate and effective information on diet supplement comparison that is directly applicable to your goals and health conditions. Even herbal products that are marketed as all-natural can impact on prescribed medications and can even make health conditions worse so be sure to talk with your physician.

Finally, remember that paid for advertising, be in online, on TV or in health and fitness magazines is probably the least reliable form of diet supplements comparison. While there is truth in the information the manufacturers are presenting, remember that they are trying to sell their product, and will be sharing information that shines a very favorable light on their diet supplement product. There are some good, neutral websites and magazine articles that will talk about the pros and cons of the various diet supplements, but check to make sure that they are not actually trying to carefully market one product or another.

Using diet supplements comparison information can be very beneficial in choosing the product that will match your needs and goals. Just be careful to check the information , do some additional research, and talk to your doctor before starting any diet supplement.