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´╗┐Why USe Pre-Surgery Diet Supplements?

For those individuals considering any form of weight loss surgery including bariatric surgery the use of pre-surgery diet supplements can really affect the outcome and decrease some of the recovery time post-surgery. The pre-surgery diet supplements that most doctors and weight loss experts indicate are the most effective are high biological value protein in liquid form, with a greatly reduced carbohydrate and caloric intake.

The benefits to pre-surgery diet supplements include both conditioning your eating habits to smaller portions and controlled amounts as well as changing your bodies cravings for some of the highly problematic foods that you may have been in the habit of eating. Typically the pre-surgery diet supplements will include all the vitamins, protein, nutrients and minerals that your body requires, so although you will be eating much less you will also feel satisfied and have fewer cravings for food than you may have imagined. Through a fourteen or twenty-one day schedule of pre-surgery diet supplements the patient will also lose weight, often enough to significantly minimize any complications that may have occurred had the patient not lost the weight.

The key to the pre-surgery diet supplements is to provide a huge amount, over eighty grams, of high biological value protein, which means that almost all of the protein can be used by the body. Protein in most meat is less than eighty percent accessible to the body, and soy protein is less than seventy five percent usable to the body.

There are many different companies that market and sell pre-surgery diet supplements for bariatric surgery patients. Since companies do offer different options it is important to shop around until you find the product lines that you enjoy. In addition be sure to talk to your surgeon or weight loss physician to see if there is a specific product line that they recommend. Most of the products can be bought online with delivery right to your door. If you are buying whole pre-surgery diet supplements in kits, be sure to use the complete kit and avoid mixing and matching from other products and product lines. The kits are carefully planned to ensure the correct protein consumption and vitamin and mineral balance, so skipping or adding can really affect the results.

Some of the common food items included in pre-surgery diet supplements include:

- Protein shakes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana and berries.
- High protein soup mixes and hot drink selections.
- Protein bars such as chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin, peanut butter and even oatmeal and raisin.
- Clear protein powders for juices and beverage selections.

Working closely with your doctor or weight loss clinic technician or counselor will help prepare for the procedure with pre-surgery diet supplements.