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Diet Supplements

´╗┐Why Diet Supplements Are Important

For people that are on a diet and not meeting their proper daily requirements of nutrients, there are diet supplements available. They developed these diet supplements to provide people with nutrients, such as fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins they lacked in their daily diet. Although the ideal way to get the necessary daily nutrient requirements is by eating a healthy, well-balanced meal, today's hectic lifestyles, poor eating habits, and convenience foods have made diet supplements a necessity for many people. Diet supplements do not replace food or meals but do provide the nutrients your body may be lacking or you require more of, to maintain or improve your health.

For most people, diet supplements are not only necessary but play an important role in providing essential health benefits such as:

- Illness and Surgery - People convalescing after a serious illness or surgery often require diet supplements to meet their required daily allowance and they help speedup their recovery.

- Dieters or People with Improper Diets - Diet supplements give people with poor eating habits or dieters the vitamins and minerals they require to remain healthy.

- Menopause - Women's hormone levels change in postmenopausal and menopause causing osteoporosis and other problems. Diet supplements such as calcium supplements taken regularly, cut this risk.

- Pregnancy - Pregnant woman require diet supplements to ensure the health of their developing fetus. It is crucial that they take the essential nutrients and daily requirements of vitamins and minerals so they have healthy babies. Some women suffer from nausea and reduced appetites during pregnancy. Diet supplements keep them and their babies healthy.

Unlike years ago, much of the food today has less nutritional value. In addition, studies have shown that approximately eighty percent of all Americans eat less than the five recommended servings of vegetables and fruits recommended, so they do not receive the essential nutrients they require. Many doctors are now recommending diet supplements as a way for people to receive the necessary minerals and vitamins. There are also studies showing that diet supplements also help prevent some types of cancer, heart disease, birth defects, and osteoporosis.

There are diet supplements people use to help them take off weight. Some of these weight loss products claim to be natural appetite suppressants, which decrease a person's appetite so they eat less. Others claim to be metabolic optimizers, which raise a person's metabolic rate so their body burns up calories quicker, producing weight loss. There are also diuretics, which reduce water retention. Diet supplements are just that, supplements, and not intended to replace a proper balanced diet.