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´╗┐Types Of Pre-Surgery Liposuction Diet Supplements

As a process liposuction is one of the least complicated of the plastic surgery procedures requiring only small incisions to allow for the insertion of a small pen sized vacuum called a vacuum-suction canula. The surgeon simply moves the end of the canula around, taking small amounts of the fat cells that are stored between the muscle and skin layers, removing the unwanted fat. Since the goal of liposuction is to remove as much of the stubborn fat as possible, it is important for patients to lose as much weight as possible prior to the procedure. Pre-surgery liposuction diet supplements are often recommended in conjunction with monitoring food intake and watching portion control as well as increasing exercise and water consumption.

When patients first meet with a plastic surgeon regarding liposuction or fat removal surgery the physician will first assess their overall health condition. If the patient is more than 30 pounds overweight most doctors will postpone surgery until the patient is closer to their ideal weight. This is partially to prevent complications but it is also important for the patient to start taking control of the their weight through lifestyle changes. Pre-surgery liposuction diet supplements that are high in protein that can be metabolized and digested by the body are a key to this weigh loss program. Since most people wish to have the surgery done as quickly as possible the pre-surgery liposuction diet supplements give the patient the option of dropping pounds in a safe and effective way without making huge lifestyle choices.

High Protein Shakes and Bars

One of the most common of the pre-surgery liposuction diet supplements is a product known as whey protein powder. This is one of the most usage of all the protein sources, and is actually better for you than the protein from meat, fish and soy products. The whey protein powder usually comes in at least three different flavors including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Some specialty health food stores may have additional flavors. There is also some unflavored protein powders that can be mixed with fruit juices or other flavored beverages. Typically the pre-surgery liposuction diet supplements will be the flavored variety, and the powder is mixed with low-fat milk or water to make a delicious and filling shake.

High protein diet bars may also be part of a pre-surgery liposuction diet supplement routine. These bars are great for healthy between meal snacks that don't add a lot of additional calories and carbohydrates to your food intake. Vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements may also be added to enhance the condition of the skin prior to surgery, but this is not always necessary for all patients.