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Online diet programs have become popularized with the internet. Several popular diet programs have placed themselves all online for the shy or busy dieter.

Nutrisystem is all about low glycemic index food balanced with protein. Individuals eat through the day with different entrees, snacks, and deserts. Plus they offer Mindnourish and Bodynourish to complement the eating habits. Individuals select the program they want to participate in men's, women's, older men's, older women's, type II diabetic, or all vegetarian. Individuals order food for 28 days and once it arrives, individuals can follow along with the meal planner. With the individual online account, members get access to several free perks like unlimited counseling and support services, Nutrisystem nourish catalog, daily dose motivational message, online newsletter, online classes, online bulletin boards and chat rooms, online weight loss and fitness diaries, and a member profile section. Nutrisystem online is designed to be a complete online diet program.

L.A. Weight Loss is all about custom designing weight loss programs based on each individual's wants and needs. With their online diet program, individuals receive ongoing support with professional dietitians to help them reach their weight loss goals. Individuals can access smart and easy online tools such as meal planners, interactive food diaries, and restaurant guides. Individuals can submit their own recipes online to the L.A. Weight Loss chef for a healthier, but just as tasty, version. There are also products available online to purchase to assist individuals with their weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers is all about allowing individuals to eat and exercise as fits their lifestyle. Their Flex Plan assigns point values to both food items and exercise to make tracking much easier. This online diet program is about managing an individual's food and weight. Individuals can track their progress with the weight tracker; manage their food choices with exercise, and offers different individualized programs for men and women. Individuals can search through over one thousand recipes and meal ideas. The restaurant guide offers the healthier options at popular dining spots. Individuals can also check the point values of their favorite foods, if it does not appear in a search. Weight Watchers brings people together online through the free community. They also offer daily tips to inspire individuals to keep going.

Jenny Craig is all about creating a personalized plan to meet an individuals needs through support with a consultant. Jenny's online diet program is centered on two plans her rewards plan, and her on track plan. The rewards plan offers discounts as goals are met. The on track plan is scheduled for six months to help individuals reach their goals. Each offers a weekly phone consultation scheduled around the individual's schedule, food delivered every two weeks, and online message boards to provide support.

These online diet programs are designed for the complicated dieter, each one is different, but no one program is better than another.

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