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Diet Programs

´╗┐Review Of The Best Selling Diet Programs

Bestselling diet programs vary in theory, and in weight loss goals. Each individual should pick the best selling diet program for them.

Weight Watchers is all about allowing individuals to eat and exercise as fits their lifestyle. Their Flex Plan assigns point values to both food items and exercise to make tracking much easier. This best selling diet program is about managing an individual's food and weight. Individuals can track their progress with the weight tracker; manage their food choices with exercise, and offers different individualized programs for men and women. Individuals can search through over one thousand recipes and meal ideas. The restaurant guide offers the healthier options at popular dining spots. Individuals can also check the point values of their favorite foods, if it does not appear in a search. Weight Watchers brings people together online through the free community. They also offer daily tips to inspire individuals to keep going.

The next best selling diet program is South Beach. South Beach dieters are encouraged to choose the right carbohydrates, such as whole grains, certain fruits and vegetables, the right fats olive and canola oils, and lean protein. How the South Beach diet plan works is that dieters follow phase one for two weeks. Individuals eat normal size portions of lean meat, fish, eggs, reduced fat cheese, nonfat yogurt, nuts, and plenty of vegetables. Snacks and desert are a part of the plan. Dieters continue with phase two until they are done losing weight. This is where individuals introduce the right carbohydrates such as whole grains, and most fruits. Some indulgences are allowed. Once individuals have reached their goal weight they move on to phase three. People continue to make excellent choices to maintain their healthy lifestyle. The South Beach diet comes from the idea that Americans are carbohydrate crazy. Phase one is designed to help people stop craving carbohydrates and carbohydrates are downplayed through the rest of the diet. Highly processed carbohydrates get digested too soon, insulin levels shoot up., and once those carbohydrates are burned up, the individual's high insulin makes them crave food, so what do Americans eat, more carbohydrates. The South Beach diet promises to make you want to eat better food.

Jenny Craig is all about creating a personalized plan to meet an individuals needs through support with a consultant. Jenny's best selling diet program is centered on two plans her rewards plan, and her on track plan. The rewards plan offers discounts as goals are met. The on track plan is scheduled for six months to help individuals reach their goals. Each offers a weekly phone consultation scheduled around the individual's schedule, food delivered every two weeks, and online message boards to provide support.

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