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For individuals who are vegetarian, there are a few vegetarian diet programs to assist with their health and weight loss needs.

Anne Collins Easy Vegetarian Diet Program is designed for ovo-lacto vegetarians. However, the diet can be changed to fit all vegetarians including vegans. The diet is broken into two parts, the "quick start" program and the vegetarian diet for life. The quick start program is designed for twenty eight days. The diet offers individuals a variety of quick and easy meals, caloric content for every food item, food substitution list for particular eaters, a snack list, vegetarian fast food list, and a grocery shopping list. The diet program contains about 1250 calories per day; more calories can be added by adding more snacks. This vegetarian diet program promises to help dieters lose about 10 pounds per month.

The Life Choice diet by Dr. Dean Ornish offers a vegetarian diet program for individuals with heart diseases or trying to prevent heart disease. The "reversal diet" for individuals with heart disease is very cut and dry. The "prevention diet" offers more flexibility. Individuals are eating foods high in complex carbohydrates. In the reversal diet, about ten percent of calories are coming from fat. Oils are less than three grams per day. Individuals are to eat foods that have less than three grams of fat per serving, and are avoiding foods with saturated fat and sugar. Foods that can be eaten are high fiber grains and legumes, vegetables, nonfat dairy products, egg whites, and small amounts of alcohol. Foods that are to be avoided meat and all animal products, caffeine, nuts, seeds, olives, chocolate, coconut, avocado, and oils except for canola oil.

E-diets offers a vegetarian diet program customized for the individual. The program offers personalized weekly meal plans, and printable shopping lists. These components help to ensure a balanced diet from plant sources, a higher intake of fiber, and focusing on soy, beans, and legumes. There is also a database of articles to search through to find vegetarian information.

Vegetarian diet programs are available to help individuals make healthy choices regarding the weight loss programs they choose. There is information about making sure that people get all the right nutrients, as well as information regarding the United States Vegetarian Dietary Guidelines. Following a vegetarian diet program will help individuals have lower cholesterol, less likely to have Coronary Artery Disease, have normal blood pressure, less likely to develop colorectal or prostate cancer, less likely to develop type two diabetes, and less likely to be overweight. These facts should all be considered before starting a vegetarian diet program.

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