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Diet Products

´╗┐Diet EAS Enhancement Products For Successful Weight Loss

It is always hard to stay on a weight loss program or diet, EAS enhancement products can, however, make the process much easier and more satisfactory. Diet EAS enhancement products have been leading the way in controlling hunger, providing low carb options and nutrient rich supplements to curb hunger, enhance energy and increase weight loss when combined with healthy eating and exercise.

Diet Snacks

Some of the best selling diet EAS enhancement products sold are the various flavors of diet bars and shakes that are great for a meal replacement or a quick mid-day snack between meals. The bars come in flavors such as chocolate chip, cinnamon roll, chocolate peanut butter crisp and cookies and cream bars. These bars are great for those dieters that are on the go or just want to have a handy snack to grab to head off cravings and possible poor eating choices.

The shakes that are sold as diet EAS enhancement products come in a variety of flavors as well. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are popular choices and EAS offers specially formulated shakes just for women to assist with the different metabolic rates of men and women.

EAS Supplements

Supplements and protein packed foods are a key element of the diet EAS enhancement products. Burning protein rather than carbohydrates results in less fat storage, more energy and overall better health. Products such as whey powder can be added to the Myloplex EAS shake or can be mixed with water and consumed throughout the day. Whey protein is highly digestible by the human body and is key in building muscle tissue and reducing fat storage.

EAS Thermo DynamX is another one of the diet EAS enhancement products that is geared to weight loss. This supplement is taken two to three times a day before meals or just before exercising. Not only does it provide additional energy for longer workouts but it actually helps keep your resting metabolic rate up to ten to twenty percent higher for sustained periods of time, even after you have finished working out. This means that you are able to burn fat for longer periods of time, extending your workout benefits.

Betagen is one of a group of diet EAS enhancement products that are designed to increase muscle performance and decrease the breakdown of protein. This allows more energy and greater fat burning both during periods of exercise and even when resting. Betagen is a powder that can be added to water or any other type of drink and should be taken twice a day for maximum results.