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´╗┐Atkins Diet Products Improve Your Dieting Experience


More and more people are embracing a healthier lifestyle as they realize the dangers of poor eating habits, lack of exercise and being overweight. Dr. Atkins believed that proper nutritional support and diet would effectively prevent some of the health problems associated with obesity, including sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and depression. Because of this, the Atkins diet and Atkins diet products have become increasingly more popular over the last ten years. Millions of Americans have had great success following the diet and using Atkins diet products. Studies have shown that reducing your carbohydrate intake is an effective, safe way to both lose and maintain body weight.

The Atkins diet, including the Atkins diet products, is a low carbohydrate, non-restrictive diet promoting cheese, eggs and meat while suggesting people eat fewer carbohydrates found in foods such as rice and bread. He based his philosophy on good lifelong nutrition, achieved by consuming unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods and restricting refined and processed carbohydrates. Also included in this diet is an exacting regime of taking the essential fatty acids and oils, minerals and vitamins necessary to achieve success.

The four-phase individual diet plan incorporates regular exercise, Atkins diet products, recipes, and mineral and vitamin supplements to improve your nutritional health, energy level and appearance. Phase 1 limits a person's daily carbohydrate intake to twenty grams, taken mostly from non-starchy vegetables and salads. In phase 2, they allow and increase the fiber and nutrient rich foods, increasing the daily grams allowed each week. Once the weight loss stops, they decrease your daily grams each week, which helps maintain a constant weight loss. Phase 3 and 4 helps you maintain a gradual weight loss and successfully maintain both your weight and carbohydrate intake. Many people use Atkins diet products during the four-phase diet plan and continue using them after reaching their desired weights.

Some of the many advantages to going on the Atkins Diet and using Atkins diet products include:

- People do not cheat as often on this diet as they are not hungry between meals.
- The burning of fat reduces a large amount of body weight, which is a source of energy.
- Using Atkins diet products and eating properly could help people maintain their blood sugar levels.

By following the Atkins diet faithfully and using Atkins diet products, people can lose weight, maintain their desired weight, improve their overall health, and help prevent diseases caused by being obese. As with any type of diet, people should always consult their doctor before going on the Atkins diet or using Atkins diet products.