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´╗┐Eat The Correct Diabetes Diet Food To Remain Healthy

Every year there is approximately one million people newly diagnosed with diabetes in the United States alone and approximately two hundred thousand deaths linked to this terrible disease. This is why keeping your diabetes controlled by using a diabetes food plan and following your doctor's orders is extremely important.

Diabetics can maintain a healthy, normal lifestyle once they understand diabetic diets and diabetes diet food. A diabetic diet is not a fad, weight loss diet or a diet that you stop when you reach your desired weight. Instead, it actually refers to the diabetes diet food and meals that a diabetic requires daily to remain healthy. It is not a starvation diet but one that teaches you about the specific foods to avoid and ones that you are able to eat. Every diabetic diet and diabetes diet food is different, depending upon the individuals needs, to help them manage their blood sugar levels. Most diabetics work with a dietitian when they are first diagnosed. The dietitian helps them with a personalized diabetes diet food plan, which gives them daily food and snack choices.

Part of eating the proper diabetes diet food or successfully following a food plan is educating yourself about diabetes and by understanding exactly how your body works when you eat and digest food. There are some guidelines and suggestions for everyone, not only diabetics, to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the guideline suggestions include limiting your dietary cholesterol, fat, salt, and protein intake, while making sure your diet is rich in fiber. Your diabetes diet food should include two servings of fatty fish weekly, six whole grain food servings daily, and five servings of vegetables and fruits.

When buying diabetes diet food, you should always read the labels first, as they base many food labels on daily values of 2,000 calories, which is too high for many people on diabetic diets. Measuring your diabetes diet food both before and after you cook it is important as this gives you the correct amount of calories and the proper size servings. Especially important for insulin dependent diabetics is the timing of each of their meals. If you miss a meal, the delicate stability that exists between your food consumption and the insulin could be disturbed. Many diabetics administer their insulin to correlate with their mealtimes, so a skipped meal can cause them problems. Doctors do not normally recommend eating between meals for diabetic patients, as this could cause them to gain weight or interfere with the job their insulin shots do to control the diabetes.