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How To Get Active After A Diabetes Diagnosis

Exercise is vital for anyone living with diabetes, but chances are, a newly diagnosed individual is quite accustomed to a sedimentary lifestyle that does not include much healthy activity. Physical fitness is one of your best weapons against diabetes, and now is the time to learn how to be fit and incorporate it into your daily living. Read on to find out how to get moving as a diabetic.

Begin in moderation; you don't want to shock your system or injure yourself! Take baby steps toward fitness and have a professional guide to assist you, be it a book, CD or other source. Make certain you have your doctor's okay before starting any exercise regimen and that you will be doing it an appropriate amount of time. Work the program into your daily schedule, and before long, it will become a habit!

Keep workouts short and sweet. Especially in the beginning, you want to keep yourself interested and motivated. Forcing yourself through long and laborious sessions will have you hating exercise! Do the things you like, have your favorite music on and even buy yourself some new and fabulous clothes to work out in.

Use everyday activity to get exercise, be it getting the mail, housework or sending a note to a co-worker in the office. You can always find a way to make exercise out of regular tasks. Take the stairs, add some ankle and wrist weights while at home, and just be cognitive of the opportunities to engage in healthy activity over the easy way out. In time, things like this will become second nature.

Stay in touch with your doctor. No matter what the circumstances, including if you are experiencing diabetic issues due to cheating on your diet, inform your doctor of any changes immediately. You need to keep your physician aware of your condition and anything that bothers you or is unexpected. Ask a lot of questions, and follow the advice he or she gives you.

It's the little things that make a big difference. Try carrying a pedometer around with you. Set a goal to increase your mileage by a certain amount in the first few weeks. You can accomplish this by claiming the parking spot that is furthest from the store entrance, avoiding elevators and escalators, making it your job to walk the dog and get the mail and so on. Small things will make a big difference and they are less overwhelming than a new workout routine and strict diet. These little things will help you feel better about yourself and how you are managing your diabetes.

Start a journal. Include what you eat, how much you worked out, what felt good and what made you feel like giving up. Leave nothing out, especially in the beginning. This journal will be a valuable tool in learning how to successfully manage your diabetes while still keeping you happy. Show it to your doctor if anything unexpected occurs, and you should be able to retrace your steps and discover what went awry. This journal will also help you cope with the emotional changes and stress.

Beginning and maintaining an exercise program can be overwhelming. The diagnosis of diabetes in and of itself can cause confusion and fear, but you must educate yourself and take the necessary steps to improve your overall health. Find the physical activities that work for you and your lifestyle and do them often. It will help manage your diabetes, improving your health, extending your lifespan and believe it or not, making life more enjoyable!

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