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Beauty Regimen Adjustments When You Have Diabetes

Your beauty regimen may require some adjustment to accommodate your diabetes. Use the tips below to maintain a beauty regimen when you have diabetes.

When you are learning to live with diabetes, you will learn to monitor your glucose and to adjust your diet. But you should also consider beauty tips to help you maintain your looks and your physical and emotional health.

Try to avoid a professional manicure or pedicure. Because of increased risks of infection caused by diabetes, it is often advised that diabetics avoid going to a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure. This does not mean that you have to forfeit your groomed and polished nails. Diabetes can be an opportunity to improve the look of your nails through additional care and attention. Frequent inspection of your feet and trimming your nails carefully will help prevent some of the unsightly aspects of toenails that often result from neglecting foot care. Using a file rather than a scissor is often frequently suggested to maintain nail shape and prevent problems with toe and fingernails. This extra care can actually result in your nails looking beautifully cared for as you learn to give yourself a home manicure or pedicure.

Having diabetes often results in weight loss for those who were overweight and incorporate proper diet into their health regimen. Weight loss is always difficult, but if you have diabetes you will find that you have the added benefit of getting immediate results from healthier eating in the form of better readings for your glucose level and feeling better than you might when you don't eat right. Healthy weight loss can be an inspiring aspect of anyone's beauty goals.

Pay attention to your healthy smile when you have diabetes. Higher blood sugar levels are associated with increased problems with tooth decay for some diabetics. Certain gum diseases and the risk of infection from such conditions also inspire many individuals with diabetes to maintain good dental hygiene. Seeing your dentist regularly, using a soft toothbrush and flossing after meals will help you maintain your healthy smile when you have diabetes.

Protect your skin and your eyes from sun damage. If you're outside a lot as part of your beauty and health regimen, you should take extra precaution to protect yourself from UV rays. This includes wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from too much sun exposure. Eye injury or diseases that affect diabetics make wearing protective glasses an important part of maintaining your eye health.

Try wearing a hat. Since avoiding too much sun exposure is important if you have diabetes, try including hats with a brim to help protect you from the sun when you're outside. Hats can be fun or pretty and are definitely useful in maintaining your beauty if you have diabetes.

Exfoliating your skin is often part of an effective beauty regimen. When you have diabetes, you can still usually exfoliate your skin. Gentleness is the key, and gentle exfoliating lotions or washes are recommended for diabetics so that you don't irritate your skin or cause open wounds. Get clearance from a physician about products you can use to exfoliate your skin.

Stress is associated with worsening health in a variety of ways and has been found to contribute to unhealthy glucose levels in diabetics. Consider incorporating relaxation exercises and opportunities into your busy schedule if you have diabetes. Diabetes can be a great jumping off point for reducing stress in your life as part of your efforts to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In addition to managing your diabetes, you will likely see beauty benefits observed from stress reduction such as less wrinkling of your skin, a better outlook on life and even fewer skin rashes.

Diabetes can present the need to modify some of your current beauty treatments. Use the tips above to maintain a beauty routine when you have diabetes.

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