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Dealing with Gestational Diabetes

So you just got the news that you failed your three hour diabetes test. Your spirits just dropped big time. You have heard about many women having gestational diabetes but never thought that it would be something that would affect you. Read on for some great advice that will help you get through the rest of your pregnancy.

First of all, do not panic. Right now you are in a very delicate state and anything can make you a bit more emotional than you normally would be. Take the time to take the information in. Yes, it will be hard to watch what you are eating especially if you crave sweets, but many have done it and so can you. So allow yourself to feel bad about it, but know that it is only a temporary thing. After all is said and done, you will be holding your beautiful baby in your arms and your body will be back to normal.

The next step is to educate yourself. If you have not done it yet, make an appointment with a nutritionist. She will go over the specifics of what kind of diet you should be following. You should also talk to any friends who have gone through gestational diabetes or are diabetic. They can give you some good day to day pointers that the nutritionist will not.

After this, it is just a matter of following your diet. Be sure to follow the dietary guidelines that were given to you. Also, make sure that you follow the appropriate schedule as well. Do not skip meals and snacks because this will make a difference in your sugar level. If you are like most people, you will be able to control your diabetes just by keeping all this in check.

Be sure to take the time to get some exercise in. It does not have to be anything too major. Just a simple walk around the neighborhood could be good for you. If you have access to a swimming pool, it might be a good option as well. Not only will this help your body deal with the sugars, it will also help you stay physically fit and keep you away from your home and the temptations that are close at hand.

If you are still struggling to deal with having to give up all the goodies during this stage, take time to plan for the meals that will come after your baby is born. Imagine what your first meal will be. You can even ask your husband or family to try to bring some of this to the hospital for you. It will help you through your day knowing that in a short time you will be able to have what you want. In the end, you might not even want those foods once you are holding your little bundle of joy.

Keeping yourself healthy during your pregnancy is important to both you and your baby. It is tough be be diagnosed with gestational diabetes and told what you can and can not eat at a time when you want to be able to eat anything you have a taste for. Hopefully, by following the information that was presented to you in this article, keeping yourself healthy during this time will not be as bad as you first though.t.