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´╗┐Save Time and Money With Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup, also called permanent cosmetics, is a very popular alternative to applying makeup every day, which many people dread. Not only does applying makeup properly take up precious time, it often requires touchups during the day because the makeup fades or smudges. Permanent cosmetics are an excellent, flawless alternative for people allergic to makeup or with other medical problems such as vision problems, scars and burns, contact lenses, or motor skill problems. Permanent makeup is a makeup technique using tattoos to apply permanent pigment to a person's skin. Some of the most common permanent cosmetics procedures are full lip color, lip liner, eyebrows, cheek blush, eye shadow and eyeliner.

Names other than permanent cosmetics include cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation, and derma-pigmentation. The pigments used in the inks and the inks of permanent makeup must meet the same regulations as makeup and color additives. Many athletes that compete in triathlons or sports such as long distance running, swimming, and bicycling, want to look great at the end of the event and permanent cosmetics is a way to do that. Many permanent tattoos gradually fade over the years so it is sometimes necessary to have them touched up to maintain vivid results.

Permanent cosmetics applications for the lips create colorful, defined, fuller lips. Lip liner adds definition, symmetry, while full lip tattoos create more colorful, full lips. Lip liner and color permanent cosmetics can define a faded out natural lip line due to smoking or aging. On the eyebrows, permanent cosmetics help people with hair loss problems or add color to eyebrows that are white, very light colored or difficult to see. You can choose a soft penciled in look or hair strokes that look natural and simulate hair. Lash enhancement for the eyes makes your eyelashes look fuller without making it look like you are wearing eyeliner.

Some people choose permanent cosmetics as an alternative to plastic surgery because they want changes made to their appearance such as reshaped brows, eyes that appear wide open, or larger, more defined lips. Permanent makeup requires a shorter healing time and is less painful but just as permanent as plastic surgery. If you are interested in permanent cosmetics, become an educated consumer and find out everything possible about the procedure. Make sure the tattoo artist has the necessary qualifications and licenses, ask for references, look at photos of healed clients, and be sure their establishment is spotless, sanitary, with up to date equipment. In addition, look for the best deal by shopping around because there is a wide range of prices between permanent cosmetics tattoo artists.