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Fun With Cooking Games

Cooking games are a great way to enjoy cooking without being in the kitchen. These cooking games can even help individuals learn about cooking as well. They can range from puzzles, to speed games. Nintendo has come out with an intriguing game called Cooking Mama.

In this cooking game, individuals are challenged as a chef to take orders and get food prepared on time. Mama provides individuals tips, pointers, and positive reinforcement as they play the game. Individuals use a stylus to chop vegetables, slice meat, pan fry, grate, peel, mash, kneed, and more. Individuals than use a touch screen to put together an omelet in a skillet, make dumplings, knead pizza dough and more. Individuals blow into a mike to cool food.

Individuals start this cooking game with fifteen recipes. As their skills increase, individuals unlock more recipes up to sixty one more dishes ranging from fried eggs to cabbage meat rolls to hot dogs. Individuals even have the option to create a dessert like cream puffs. Individuals can then experiment by creating their own combinations of different recipes or even individual ingredients.

The challenge with this cooking game comes in with the judging process. Individuals can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal for their food by the judges. For less intensity, individuals can practice their cooking skills without being judged. Individuals can share their recipes with friends or transfer a game as well. For those who like to challenge their friends, they can go head to head to see who has the best cuisine.

Individuals learn about different cooking styles by using three hundred different foods from ten countries like Japan, America, France, India, Mexico, England, China, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Some specialties include fried rice, gyoza dumplings, and tempura.

Other sites offer free cooking games for individuals to choose from. Individuals can play Hangman, Concentration, unscramble words, word searches, or jigsaw puzzles. For the more creative individual they can create refrigerator poetry using magnetic words. There are also cooking games at other sites that individuals can challenge themselves with. One such game is the Better Barbeque Challenge. Individuals must flip over meat at the right moment to earn points. Flip it too soon and no points are earned, flip it too late and food is burned. More items are added as time ticks on. Individuals must also watch the thermometer to make sure it does not get too warm.

Individuals have an array of choices about cooking games they want to play from free and simple, to playing video games with friends. These cooking games can teach individuals some basic concepts about the art of cooking.