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Chinese Cooking

History Of Chinese Cooking - A Journey Back to The Past

The History of Chinese cooking signifies one of the richest and most varied culinary cuisines in the world. China is a nation where the pleasure of preparing good food and appreciating it, has grown to maximum levels. Cooking is often considered an art in the American Chinese culture. The skills of Chinese cooking have been developed and known to many food lovers across different locations through the centuries. Cooking was not considered an art until the 1122-249 before Christ. From that time till today China has become a country whose preparation and appreciation of food has always been of the highest level.

Taoism and Confucianism are the two prevailing philosophies of the Chinese traditions. These two traditions coined the growth of culinary arts in Chinese history. The History of Chinese cooking was noticed among the people through Confucius. He was the person who preached Confucianism, a Chinese ethical and philosophical system. He loved and appreciated culinary art and established proper table manners and standards among the supporters. These standards and manners are still followed among many food lovers. According to him, good Chinese cooking totally depends on various condiments and ingredients. Harmony was also an important factor to him, as it helped in deciding the flavor of the ingredients.

The History of Chinese cooking took a turn when Taoism developed the clean aspects of foods and cooking. The main aspects of his beliefs were to nourish ones body and to live a long life. Together they discovered that the dietary value of vegetables were damaged by improper cooking. They also discovered that almost all the major items had a medical value. Ginger, a preferred condiment, is used to ease an upset stomach and as a cold therapy. Chinese dishes are usually low in calories and fat which has always been an important reference in the History of Chinese cooking. Uses of knives and forks are usually not regarded as good manners in the Chinese cooking culture. The food is always cooked in poly-unsaturated oils whereas butter, cheese, oil, milk and cream often did not form their daily diet.

Chinese cooking style is loved by many people and their style of cooking is quite famous and well adapted in America. The cooking style certainly offers the opportunity to cook healthy and delicious food with low calorie and low fat content. Today, China's food and drink have been influenced by regional divisions, but the primary influences are their culture, religious beliefs, income and education. Thus the History of Chinese cooking has played a crucial role in understanding the Chinese food culture and traditions.