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What Did Anna Nicole Smith Gain After Her Breast Implants?


Anna Nicole Smith - Before Her Breast Implants

Vicki Lynn Hogan, more popularly known as Anna Nicole Smith, grew up being poor and hated it. Using her body, beauty and charm, she flaunted out herself into numerous bars catching attentions of many patrons. She dances topless at those joint bars in Houston in order for her to meet ends and pay those bills while raising her son at the same time. Although she owns a voluptuous figure, she has a pair of not-so big breasts. Most of the time, it was her derriere that has attracted and enamored many patrons prompting them to start calling her "Sweet Cheeks".

At this point of her life, there were various interesting things that happened. First, Anna Nicole Smith was spotted by a photographer prompting her to become the subject of a potential star. However, the problem lies on the fact that she wasn't that good-looking enough. She had to do something like alteration or augmentation with her body so to acquire the look needed to gain instant fame. It was at this time when J. Howard Marshall, then 89 years old (she was on her mid 20's) and a regular patron on the establishment where she used to work, met her and became smitten with her. He doted on her, lavishing her with so many luxuries in so many ways.

How Anna Nicole Smith's First Breast Implants Changed Her Life?

J. Howard Marshall was the rescue for Anna Nicole Smith. She saw this meeting as her chance to achieve and emulate her long-time star idol, Marilyn Monroe. It was an obsession that led Smith to believe she had to follow the footsteps of the popular actress. Marshall came right at the most perfect time for her. Using this opportunity, she got her first breast implant plus some cosmetic surgery. Apparently, it was an undertaking that proved to be the best decision for her as it was after these operations where she started getting massive attention from the industry. Her breast enlargement can be considered her turning point. Not only did she get to cover a worldwide famous men's magazine but also was able to secure a juicy deal for her would-be modeling career.

Anna Nicole Smith insisted she had two breast implants inserted at each breast in 1990. This is primarily the reason why she was able to grab the instant sex appeal her idol (albeit she already oozes the kind of appeal men long for), Marilyn Monroe was so famous of. Her breast enlargement surgery was, by far, the factor why Anna Nicole Smith was made into stardom, albeit not as stable as it should be. She got to thank her breast enlargement implants. Because from that day on, after getting these breast implants, she rose into the limelight like she was into some revenge. It landed her the career she so hoped for even from her childhood days.

She made herself appear into some movies, which in turn did well in the industry. Her Hollywood career, though, journeyed into what you would call a roller coaster path. After her breast enlargement, after her modeling stints, and her Hollywood career, she has yet to encounter many situations, which would test her stability, personality-wise speaking. In between those momentous events of her life, she has undergone a repeat of her breast surgery. But on these times, she had her old breast implants removed as they have burst so another set of breast silicon implant has to be performed on her.

On the case of Anna Nicole Smith, her breast implant operation is the most interesting element to happen in her life. It gave her opportunities that might have not been there if she elected against the cosmetic surgery. With Anna Nicole Smith's breast implants story, it is an undertaking one can have with her own bosom. Depending on one's outlook, breast implants can be the