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Choosing The Size For Your Breast Augmentation


Choosing the ideal bra size for your breast augmentation can be tricky. There are many opinions on which you can properly choose the right size for your implant but not all is ideal to bring quality and satisfactory results. Picking one may be easier to do but once you did not do it with extra care, you may see the result different from what you have visualized. In this case, it would be much sensible to ask the experts or best surgeons around for assistance so that you won't be tricked in the end.

Most plastic surgeons or doctors agree that in determining the selection of the size, it should be the base diameter that should be used as the key measurement guide. This makes sense as this guide to determine the size of the breast women will know if the size they choose would suit their actual size. Women tend to make mistake in choosing the right size as before the procedure they already have in their minds the size that they want for the augmentation. However, if not taken with ultimate care this could be a mistake that you will regret in the end. This could also mean you considering another operation. In which case, this could also entail additional cost as well as another risk for your operation

Getting a clear communication with your trusted plastic surgeon will help you narrow down your search. They should know what should be best with your size. An experienced surgeon will be able to tell you what factors to consider in choosing the right size of implant or to what extent you should augment your breats. Once you and your surgeon have identified which size would be most ideal for you, you should expect the actual size that you both have visualized.

Wide array of options for breast implant sizes may confuse patients. In order to make things a little easier in this aspect, plastic surgeons categorized the selection into three profile shapes:

- Low
- Moderate
- High

Moreover, the process of selecting implant size is made logical by defining through these three factors:

- The desired shape and look of the client
- The desired size of the augmentation
- The pre-existing anatomy of the client

Tips on Choosing Your Breast Implant Size

Before undergoing your breast augmentation, you should determine the most ideal implant size for you. The following should aid you in your selection:

1. Speak with your plastic surgeon. He/she should know what size would be best for you. Being frank should open a clear communication.

2. Ask for photographs which illustrate ideal proportions. Choose one body type that is similar to yours.

3. Choosing the size through cup size guide is often a mistake and will lead to different result. This is because cup size does vary depending on the bra styles as well as manufacturers'.

4. Make home-made implants such as a plastic filled with oatmeal or the likes and try it stuffing them on your breast. Plastic surgeons typically have these sample implants in their clinics and are used for you to do the choosing easier.

5. Don't expect too much or perfect results. For example, having bigger breasts does not usually present an ideal and pleasing look. Keep realistic objectives and choose implant size that would be best with your body.

6. Remember that not all can acquire bigger breasts and still look better. Certain body types do not require bigger breast augmentation. Your selection should keep your body well-proportioned as well as it should complement your body contour well.