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Breast Implants That Are Too Far Apart Look Unnatural

When undergoing breast implant surgery, it is not simply a matter of increasing or augmenting the size and shape of your breasts. There are factors that should be considered such as its position and appearance. The problem that usually takes place after breast implant operation is the way it looks is not actually what the patient's preference. This is why in choosing your breast implant surgeon it should be taken with extra care so to end with one that is trusted and highly-respected in the cosmetic industry. If you don't want to compromise yourself and your money as well, make sure that you got transaction with the best breast implant specialist and surgeon. Furthermore, the size and style that you are going to choose should be the best one and could complement with your body type.

Two main factors in determining the appearance of breast implants

- The size of the breast implants

The size that you are going to choose is an important part of selection. You should remember that your body type has the certain breast implant size to compliment with. Anything that exceeds to the proportion of your body will usually result to an ugly and distinctly unnatural appearance making it look obviously done with surgery. You may be one of those who believe that any breast implant size can go with your physical attributes but you are absolutely wrong in your assumption.

If the idea of breast augmentation or breast implant is to make breasts larger, the concept of aesthetical aspect in this cosmetic surgery is defeated. Breast implant should be taken for aesthetical purposes and not simply to enlarge your breasts. Don't forget that the size of your breast implant should go in harmony with the contour of your body.

- The implant position of your breast implants as another critical factor

The position of the breast implants will determine whether they are good-looking on you or they aesthetically complement your figure. If you want a naturally, pleasantly looking breasts, the implants should appear soft, supple and slightly drooping. Also, your breast implants should also look fuller in the lower half and slightly smaller on the upper. The profile of the breast should include its upper half nearly straight but gently sloping to your nipples, while the nipple should be full and curving back to your chest wall. If you have not achieved this ideal appearance, then your breast implant has not been properly placed.

The second factor is considered critical as this is usually where the placement of the breast implant errs. Either the placement is too high on the chest or the position of two breast implants are too far apart from each other. On the first case, it will result to the breasts having more volume on the upper half than the lower half. This is the typical reason why the appearance looks artificial or unattractive.

Implants being too far apart are also another mistake that could lead to ugly appearance of the breasts. The ideal position should have the breasts' lateral margin projecting beyond the lateral margin of your chest wall. If the operation has not been too efficient the breasts will end up with gaping space between your breasts. This is yet another unnatural appearance of the breast implants.

Of course, if there is the gaping distance there is also implants that are positioned very close with each other. This will have the same result of appearance which is artificial.