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Breast Implants

Truth About Breast Implants

Mass media bombards the populace with the concept of ideal woman. Television, magazines, billboards and all sorts promote a Barbie-like model - tall, skinny, voluptuous being with huge breasts.

The rationale is that everything looks good with the ideal woman. Thus, if you are not one, you got to do something about it.

The blatant fact is that thin bodies with huge breasts rarely happen. In real life, only few women have the 'perfect look'. The ones that can be found in famed catalogs and ads.

The concept of ideal woman made lots of woman desire the 'perfect look'. This is the reason why breast implants and other surgeries became in-demand many times over than other services available to women.

Breast implants have been offered since 1962. They are offered prior safety testing. Nonetheless, breast implants became an obsession in the early 90's. This was due to the influence of models and stars.

Since its onset, breast implants has been elusive. It was only in the year 1990 in a Congressional hearing when the fact that no studies has been made on human beings to support the safety of breast implants was revealed.

Even when the truth about breast implants is still vague to most women, breast implants were still resorted to by millions. Teens and women in their early 20's make up a large percentage of those who get them each year. In the year 1991 and the year after, approximately 2 million implants were done.

More and more women are buying into the breast implant popularity. Breast implants is sordid. As the demand for implants goes up, the price also rockets. The rate becomes suddenly so startling. Nonetheless, this is only a subtle result of the truth about breast implants. What is more starting, if not terrible, are the health hazards that implants bring.

After years of hubbub, breast implants' truth is slowly unfolding. Studies have shown that most women who underwent silicone gel-filled breast implants have at least one broken implant in a decade.

The truth about breast implants can be horrible. There are cases when implant patients suffer dripping silicone from nipples. There are those who eventually yielded deformed breasts due to ruptured implants and surgeries. There are also instances when a defective product was used and this resulted to several diseases. Some not that serious while others are fatal.

The truth about breast implants will also make you reflect long and hard. Surgery damages nerves and lessens sensation. Loss in sensation cannot be completely upturned. In fact, the attempt can result to total numbness of nipples. In some cases, the consequence is painful hypersensitivity. The truth about breast implants may not give you what you really desire. In fact, implants can give you the exact opposite of what you wanted.

The truth about breast implants makes people realize that the best way to feel sexy or feminine is to appreciate your body. If you have a positive mindset, implants are no longer necessary. When you are in a habit of finding body flaws, you will never come to an end. Indeed, you will have more to find as you get older.

Knowing about breast implants gives women wide latitude whether to trust in the truth or trust in the will. Breast implants' truth makes it more lenient.