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Breast Implants

Breast Implants For Women Over 40 Years Old

Breast implants are generally performed on women of age bracket from late teen years to late 30's. Anyone between that age bracket is deemed safe to undergo such operation for as long as she only wants improvement and does not expect perfection in any way the result will look. Specifically, if she is physically and psychologically healthy, as well as sensible enough to be realistic in expectations, then, she can be a good candidate for the breast implant surgery.

Why Women of these Ages Consider Breast Implants?

Surgeons insert implant behind each breast. By doing so, the bustline of the client is increased into one or more bra size, depending on the bra implant size she prefers. Generally, women undergo such surgery to increase or augment the size of their breast. However, not only for this reason why breast implant is already a common notion amongst women gender, it is also performed on these women specifically for the following reasons:

- For personal reasons, you might be considering breast implant because you feel yours is too small. Simply put, a breast implant will enhance your body contour;

- There are women who after giving birth feels there is a need to augment the size of their breasts especially if they are sagging already. With breast implant, they can be remedied by correcting the reduction of breast volume after her pregnancy;

- Breast implant is also ideal for balancing the difference of your breast size;

- Breast implant is also used as a reconstruct technique after the breast surgery.

Some Risks of Breast Implants

As with any medical and cosmetic operations, breast implant does have the risk that you might be facing following the surgery. The most common problem women encounters after the augmentation is capsular contracture, an occurrence when the scar o the capsule begins to tighten. Women may experience extreme discomfort for this problem and treatment may include removal of the scar tissue, removal of the implant, and sometimes a replacement.

Implant ruptures are a possible occurrence after the operation if you suddenly jerked a movement causing the implant or its man-made shell to leak. Saline breast implant leak is not a thing to worry about as the salt water will be naturally absorbed by the body. However, it is a different case for gel-filled breast implant. If the shell breaks, there are chances that women may not actually detect a change in her breast. This could result to the gel collected by the breast or migrate into other areas of the body. In which case, the shape or firmness of your breast may change. Rupture can be treated either through another operation or replacement of the leaking breast implant.

Other more common complaints after breast implant procedure are the swelling around the breast area, joint pain, fatigue, fever, nipples becoming over sensitive/under sensitive, and breast pains. These symptoms have yet to be discovered their association with the connective tissue disorders but it is recommended not to ignore these experiences and check with your surgeon as soon as possible.

For women of over 40 years old who have also underwent breast implant operations, things will be more different compared with women who are between 19 to 34 years old. Usually, after the surgery, the client will experience discomfort and fatigue, as well as breast pain within the first 48 hours following the operation. Doctors typically prescribe pain medications to alleviate them with the discomfort. The same will be done for 40 year-old women, however, they are required to continue their annual mammogram. After the breast implant, the breast tissue should be given with special mammography views.