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Risks Of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a surgical process of enhancing the size of the breasts.

Basically, there are several reasons why women resort to this method. Breast augmentation personal message boards tell them. First, it is necessary to enlarge small breasts. Another reason is to restore the original size of breasts before pregnancy. Third, it is done to balance the breast size. It is also done as a reconstructive procedure subsequent to a breast surgery.

There are countless reasons why more and more women are into breast augmentation. In fact, breast augmentation personal message boards have been teeming the Net so as to give personal information about it.

Breast augmentation is done by inserting an implant at the rear portion of each breast. With it, the bustline is increased by one or more bra cup sizes.

Breast augmentation personal message boards do not miss any information necessary to illuminate women about this surgical procedure. Further, there are breast augmentation personal message boards that discuss women's experience before, after and while having their operation.

Breast augmentation personal message boards also enlighten readers about the types of implants, the silicone and the saline. The former involves a silicone gel and the latter saline or salt-water solution. Both of them are enclosed in a silicone shell.

Saline-filled implants are available in an unrestrictive manner compared to silicone gel. Saline is made from salt which is a compound found in the body. Hence, it is considered safe. Nonetheless, doctors must be consulted about the specifics of implants before choosing one.

Uncertainty and risks go with breast augmentation. In fact, there are plenty of risks and complications discussed in breast augmentation personal message boards. The most common predicament is capsular contracture. It is the contraction of the capsule or scar surrounding the implant. It can be treated by removal or 'scoring' of the scar tissue. Another treatment is by replacement or removal of implant.

As you can read in breast augmentation personal message boards, another risk is excessive bleeding. This may further cause pain and swelling. Moreover, another operation is necessary to control it or to remove excess blood.

Infection is another serious risk. This usually happens after surgery. In severe cases, removal of implant is necessary. It must be replaced by a new one.

There are also cases when nipples become numb, undersensitive or oversensitive. These symptoms may be permanent or may wane in time.

Another serious risk is rupture or leaking of implants. Medical records and breast augmentation personal message boards concur that immediate medical attention is necessary when confronted with this risk.

Rupture is a result of an injury or the usual compression or movement of the breast and implant. Said movement causes the silicone shell to leak.

The salt in the saline solution can be absorbed safely by the body on the other hand, silicone can be very perilous. Nonetheless, the leak, be it concerning saline or silicone gel may need further operation and replacement.

If you are one of those women who are inspired by breast augmentation personal message boards and have decided to undergo such operation, bear in mind that risks are always in it. Discuss your expectations with your doctor. He can help you by giving his professional knowledge and guidance.

To give you a solid understanding of the matter in dispute, read breast augmentation personal message boards. They can give sound advice and answer to your queries. Breast augmentation personal message boards are also helpful in giving you tips about planning a breast augmentation operation.