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What Are Botox Alternatives?


Botox injection was not originally used to treat facial wrinkles and lines but it was used for nervous twitches of the eyelid muscles. Botox is a protein complex generated from the bacterium clostridium botulinum. It has been discovered that this substance is a poisonous one, the same source for food poisoning. However, it is found that if a small dose is used or injected into the facial muscles it becomes an effective tool to reduce signs of aging by way of relaxing the wrinkles and lines.

Although Botox has been the craze in the cosmetic industry ever since it was discovered as the current most effective treatment one can get to rid his/her face with the unsightly aging marks, this has not offered an instant solution to all men and women. While there are many living testimonies to the effectiveness of the treatment, there are those that depend on other Botox alternatives.

Botox alternatives proliferate in the market, whether over the counter products or one that is recommended or provided by the dermatologists or doctors. Others are affordable enough that anybody can have without having too much stress on their budgets. Others are slightly expensive and close enough to Botox treatment's usual price but with results that are unparalleled with the latter. While others would usually require you to shell off a large portion from your savings but with as visible and effective results with Botox injection.

Botox Alternative Products

Over the years, and even before Botox was discovered effective for facial treatment, creams chemical peels are the most popular alternative to Botox. They will provide effective results but treatment will require a certain period of time. Unlike with Botox treatment, wherein you will only undergo the process of injections and will be effective for as long as six months, creams are going to be applied every night (in some cases, even at daytime). Results will vary, depending on the kind of cream that is utilized.

Through topical application on affected areas, cosmetic manufacturers claim these products to relax the wrinkles and improve the face albeit temporarily. They hydrate the skin because of the purportedly vitamin-enrichment and other nutrients containing them. You will find these anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams easily as they proliferate in almost every corner of cosmetic industry.

Another Botox alternative is through surgery. This treatment may be effective but can be more expensive than Botox treatment. Facelift is popular for this kind of treatment. Its effectiveness is undoubtedly one that many privileged ones trust over the years. It successfully removes fine lines and wrinkles. However, you need to pay a staggering price more than what Botox would cost.

Skin surface peels are another Botox alternative wherein chemicals used, such as dermabrasion, trichloracetic acid, laser peels, and strong phenol peels, are going to peel the outer dermis of your skin. This kind of treatment is also trusted but this is another expensive alternative. Aside from this, healing after the surgery may take a long time. Scarring or having an uneven skin colors may be another consequence you have to suffer after the operation.

Botox Alternatives Waiting For FDA Approval:

The following are injectable treatment given as alternative for Botox injection:

Artecol - also called as Artefill, this is another injectable treatmet and made with 25% Plexiglass microbeads and 75% bovine collagen. Consumers still may have yet to find out the validity of manufacturers claim that this product will reduce, if not eliminate, wrinkles.

Hylaform - a hyaluronic acid-based injectable product, this is purportedly extracted from the rooster combs.

Restylane - containing hyaluronic acid, this is synthetically manufactured and manufacturer claim it to treat fine lines.

Perlane - the same attributes with Restylane, except that this product is meant for deeper facial lines.

Radiance - can be injected under your skin, it contains calcium particles and made into a paste.