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Side Effects Of Botox Treatment

As with the case of any drugs, potential side effects are the things that you should look for when undergoing medication or treatment. Depending on the health level of a person, he/she may react oddly or may not feel any side effect at all except minor details. Some drugs may bring negative side effects while others are not recommended because of some health history of the patient. In this case, before taking any treatment you should always be aware of all the details that treatment may come with. Communicating with your doctor, practitioner, or surgeon is one important aspect that you should never ignore as they are the one who should know if the kind of treatment you will undergo will be safe for you.

Botox as a treatment

In 2002, FDA authorities approved Botox as they have seen the results of reduced frown lines upon Botox injection treatment. Seeing its potential to cure other diseases, they further instructed authorities to give it another review for approval for brow furrow, chronic tension headache, migraine headache, juvenile cerebral palsy, upper limb spasticity, and hyperhidrosis.

Botox Discovered To Soften Frown Lines - Positive Side Effect

Botox injection is a treatment that has been discovered originally to treat facial muscle spasms linked with several diseases such as eye muscle disorders, multiple sclerosis, cervical dystonia, and many other cases. The doctors who performed this treatment noticed that the frown lines surrounding the eyebrow softened after the injection. It was this time when they agreed that Botox could be a potential treatment for wrinkles, the most dreaded disorder that most aging women and men complain of as they age.

Facial wrinkles such as crow's feet, frown lines, neck bands, and forehead creases are facial lines or wrinkles that are always associated when people age. In the market, there are a multitude of anti-aging products and creams that are provided by different manufacturers claiming that they will erase these lines provided they follow the proper application religiously. There are also the kinds of surgeries that will lift the face or eliminate those lines but this kind of treatment can be expectantly costly.

For the individuals who are not earning too well, Botox injection provided a better alternative for these clients. Its effect is visible right after the treatment. Procedure won't take longer, on average it will last only from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of injections needed. Not only these, Botox injection is relatively affordable than other facial surgeries and treatment.

Other Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, any treatment could bring negative side effects. Botox injection, as the name implies, is done through tiny needles injecting through affected areas. The most common problem that it could follow is a slight bruising. If you skin is a sensitive one, you might experience slight swelling or bruises where injection is taken. But this is not to present so much trouble on you. Bruises can be covered with make-up or concealer and they will soon fade after the procedure.

Another side effect of Botox injection is when it is done with little care on the surgeon's side. Since the target of Botox is to relax the muscles underneath the wrinkles, it will usually spread to other unintended areas causing them to move involuntarily in limited range. Sometimes, you may feel your eyelids temporarily drooping. These occurrences are not to be taken seriously as there are no other grave effects to happen. However, in order to prevent them to occur, it is strongly recommended that you undergo with a surgeon that is reliable. He should also be medically certified to perform such operation so to give you quality Botox treatment.

Short-time side effects may also be experienced after the treatment. Minor facial pains, weakness of the facial muscles, and redness around the skin where Botox was injected are usually those things that you may encounter. This is not to worry, though, as they typically disappear after only a week.

If the patient is under another medication

As with any other treatment, if one is undergoing another kind of medication, it is usually recommended to check with your doctor. Prior to the treatment, you should have informed your other doctor of your intention as Botox injection may interact with other medicines that you are taking. If not given with attention to this detail, the treatment may give serious side effects.