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Botox Treatment In Dallas

Most of the people tend to stick with the basic facts that Dallas botox treatment only caters to cases of cerebral palsy in children and in curing the wrinkles evident on a person's facial muscles. But little do they know that Dallas botox treatment procedures are also gauged to the relief of migraine headaches. Not only can a few patients attest that the Dallas botox treatments they've been provided with have efficiently relieved the bugging migraine headaches they've suffered from.

A Brief History of Botox Treatment and its Ability to Cure Migraine Headaches

The very original use of botox came thirty years ago when specialists made use of the drug in curing some eye disorders such as crossed eyes and blinking problems. However, the discovery that botox can be an effective means in curing headaches came in the picture accidentally. There have been cases of plastic surgeries when botox had been utilized for the operation and the patients who'd been having migraine headache attacks had discerned that the botox injections given to them had tremendously eased out their migraine headache attacks.

Almost everyone knows the fact that botox is one neurotoxin. Meaning, the drug is aimed to target the nerve cells. The FDA has approved the use of the drug in surgical needs after the careful study of the therapeutic claims made by the drug. The underlying theory that botox, when injected to a certain muscle area, brings forth paralysis since the discharge of acetylcholine is inhibited, has widely been recognized. Hence, the botox injection relaxes the muscles in the affected area.

The Truth to the Claim

These days, botox treatment caters to the relief of migraine headaches. There are yet no definite proofs for the claim of how botox injection came to relieve migraine headaches. But in the onset of the popularity of Dallas botox treatments, specialists have not only once given the therapy for patients who've been suffering from this sort of headache.

One theory that exists about how come botox treatments are able to relieve headache attacks is that the root of all the pain is due to the spasms and tensions felt by the muscles. So when botox treatment his given even before any migraine attack starts, then most probably the possibility of having headaches is eradicated. Botox works by stopping the normal transmission of protein with those of the nerve cells. As an effect, the nerve ending's sensitivity to pain is now reduced. Plenty of researches may certainly point at the swelling of the blood vessels as a major cause of migraine headache attacks but there are experts who also emphasize the role of muscle strains to the onset of severe headache attacks.

Studies conducted on the efficiency of botox in curing headaches was made not exactly on the usual areas where headaches occur but rather on the typical areas which are injected with the drug in the event of surgical operations. In the recent case studies, it has been found out that the use of larger dosages of the drug into the specific areas for headache attacks has much more improved the prevention of the pain. Not only does the study focused on the reduction of pain in migraine headaches but also those pains concerning muscle tension and tension headaches.

The truth to the matter though is botox injection done for the deterrence of headache pain attacks may require a number of weeks before the effect materializes. So it goes to say that the botox injection gauged for the prevention of headache pain attacks should be done only once in a span of at least three months. Yet, those botox injection dependent patients when they get too long intervals before finally getting a shot again can be bugged by the attacks once more.

With regards to its safety, botox treatments for headaches entail lesser side effects compared to the pain killer drugs taken orally. So far, the only recognized side effect of a Dallas botox injection for the prevention of headache is the drooping of the eyelids or pain in the injected area which goes away in a couple of days.