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1. A less extreme approach

The THPI method will ensure maximum recovery as a vital component of health and well being, takes place. Continually forcing the body to do more at an ultra-intense level is counterproductive in terms of attaining complete health. Exercise produces free radicals (unstable atoms), which roam the body, destroying healthy tissue in the process. Nutrition and complete rest are the best ways to mitigate the deleterious effects of free radical production. All training can be destructive if done too often, or too hard. The key is to know exactly when to ease off, and when to apply the required intensity.

2. A focus on balance

All fitness components will be addressed with the THPI method, making it ideal for those who want to reach their potential on many health and fitness levels. As with most things in life, it is also wise to achieve the right balance with one’s fitness objectives, as a balanced approach will ensure continued results and program enjoyment – and as a result, adherence. Fitness components addressed in the THPI program include aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, skill training, core stability, flexibility, strength and power.

3. Physical improvements without compromising health

Achieving a great body often comes at a price. Whether it be through drug use, excessive training, over-eating, the neglect of other crucial fitness components or a combination of all these factors, a great physique is often the product of an extreme approach to training and dieting. Again, balance is essential for the attainment of good health, and with all fitness components addressed a great body (both externally and internally) will be the result. For example, a focus on flexibility and core strength will ensure good posture and a lower likelihood of injury, but will also help with lengthening the muscles and opening the fascia (the sheath that separates the muscle from the skin) and building core musculature (lower back, abdominals and hips). These things combine to ensure a better looking physique as well as a more efficiently functioning one.

4. Injury prevention

With a focus on core strength and flexibility in addition to total muscle development, the THPI system lowers the likelihood that the trainer will sustain an injury either during training, or during activities independent of training.

5. Fat loss

Fat loss is something most of us want at some point. The best way to lose fat and keep it off, is to turn the body into a fat burning furnace through regular resistance training coupled with strategic aerobic work. Aerobic work such as walking for a minimum of 30-minutes, or running, as a sole means of burning fat may not be very effective as it targets fat, protein and carbohydrates as a fuel source and does not adequately support metabolically active muscle. The metabolic rate is raised during aerobic activity, but it soon returns to resting level. Weight training, on the other hand, builds muscle, which burns many calories at rest as it is a metabolically active tissue. Aerobic work without resistance training, and other fitness components, will, at best, result in a smaller physique with marginal decreases in body fat over the long term.

6. A lifelong approach to health and well-being

The key with any exercise program is to ensure it can be undertaken over the long term, as this will assist with the maintenance of all positive program outcomes. In establishing a functional, well conditioned physique, it is important to recognize the crucial impact consistency has. A short term program will accomplish short term results. A successful exercise program therefore needs to be set up and constantly modified to enable the adherent to continue achieving, while enjoying the process. The THPI method will achieve both these objectives.

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