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Makeup Bag Essentials That Every Woman Should Have


As females mature from girls to women, the products in their makeup bags need to change as well. There are some items that must be in every woman's makeup bag that were not in the makeup bags that they had when they were just girls. Use the following check list to be sure that you have included these essentials in your makeup bag.

Foundation is just that - the foundation on which the rest of your makeup relies on. You must be sure that you select a foundation that is not only the right color, but has the right specifications for your skin. If you have dry, oily or normal skin, find the foundation that is formulated for the particular skin type you have.

Another must-have for your makeup bag is face powder. Many women prefer to carry pressed powder compacts in their bags because they are more portable and less messy. Make sure that you find one that closely matches the color of your foundation and skin tone. The powder is used to reduce the shine on your face during the day.

Blush is crucial for many women to enhance their cheekbones. There are very few women around the world that have cheekbones that are so defined that they do not need to use blush. Find a color that will go well with your complexion and keep it in your makeup bag so you can touch up your face any time it needs it. You can use the blush of your preference whether it is pressed powder or cream blush.

You should pack a selection of eye shadows to apply for both work and happy hour. You can give your look a fresh new look after work by applying eye shadow that is a bit brighter than what you would wear to work. Be prepared for a night out with co-workers by keeping a selection of eye shadow pressed powder or creams in your makeup bag.

Mascara is another essential item to keep in your makeup bag. It can bring your tired eyes back to life after a long day. Select one that is water proof and formulated for extended wear.

Lipstick colors can give you an instant makeover. If you are prepared with a variety of colors of lipstick in your makeup bag, you can be prepared to take your work look and transform it into a night out look. Keep at least three colors of lipstick in your bag to be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Keep some makeup remover wipes in your bag. This way, if something should happen to keep you from going home at night, you can easily remove the day's makeup from your face and maintain healthy skin.

Changing the colors of makeup that you use can make you look as professional and stylish as you want to be. By being prepared with the right products in your makeup bag, you can always look your best and walk into any situation knowing that you do look as gorgeous as you possibly can.