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Maintain a Youthful Appearance Longer

Maintaining a younger, more beautiful appearance without surgery may require some major changes to your lifestyle. However, changes that are made gradually can be less difficult to implement. Beauty begins with a healthy way of life and ends with a glowing appearance. Aging is a natural process but you can slow its effects with these alterations.

It is important to remove dead skin cells from the most superficial layer of your face without damaging the deeper layers. You can do this by gently washing your face with a gently cleanser on a twice daily basis. You can also exfoliate with a mild scrub once or twice a month. Over-exfoliating will lead to dry, raw and unhealthy skin so be aware of how your skin reacts. Do not use an astringent because it will create dry skin and avoid any products that contain alcohol. Use a moisturizer in the morning before applying make-up and in the evening before going to sleep. Hydration is especially important at night because this is when your skin cells are regenerating.

Avoid using pore-clogging make-up that can cause acne. Your foundation should not be oily or drying and should always be applied over your moisturizer. You may need to experiment with different brands of make-up to find out which is best for your skin. Avoid breakouts by thoroughly cleansing your skin before bed.

Enjoy a healthy, well-balanced diet, drink plenty of water and avoid smoking. Fruits and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants, help you body repair damage done by the environment. Avoid highly processed foods and foods that are high in sugar, fat and cholesterol. Water is essential to the proper mechanisms of the human body. Women should drink at least 60 ounces of water per day and men should drink about 100 ounces. These amounts vary based on size and physical activity so be sure to evaluate how much water is adequate for you. Smoking cigarettes leads to the formation of free radicals, which cause dry, unhealthy skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Always use make-up and moisturizers that contain an SPF to protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Try to avoid extended sun exposure and use a sunscreen specifically designed for the face when necessary. For a day at the beach or swimming pool, use an umbrella and cover your head with a hat or a scarf. The thin skin of your face is especially sensitive to the sun. Long-term exposure to the sun's damaging rays can cause discolorations and melanomas, the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

Exercise improves the general appearance of most people. Regular physical exercise will make you feel better and help keep your weight down. Be cautious about running as you get older to avoid excessive impact on your knees and other joints. Swimming and swimming pool aerobics are great forms of exercise that will help you avoid jarring impacts on your joints.

Your face is always the first thing people notice and a beautiful face leads to a great first impression. Taking good care of your skin involves more than just using a good lotion. Good health, regular physical exercise and avoiding smoke and other environmental factors are important factors in maintaining a healthy appearance.