Featured Beauty Article


Look Better to Feel Better

Have you been feeling as if your looks are stuck in a rut? A mini makeover can lift your spirits and improve your attitude. After giving the subject a bit of thought, decide on a few things you feel need to improve and start changing your look.

Wearing your hair in a way that flatters your face is important in terms of how you appear to other people and how you feel about yourself. If you have difficulty making your hair look they way you want it to, consult a good beautician. There are certain styles which work better with your type of hair and also look best with the shape of your face. A more attractive color can also make a big difference, but do not stray too far from your natural color. If you naturally have dark hair, do not change to a pale blond shade. It will not look natural and the roots will constantly be growing out.

Wearing the right makeup correctly is the next step you should take. If you wear makeup already, but are not sure how to apply it in the most flattering manner, get some advice. The makeup counters in department stores often have beauty consultants who can give you professional advice about the shades most flattering to your skin tone. A basic makeup for day wear is a good place to start, but then also learn how to add a few touches for a night on the town.

Go clothes shopping to update your wardrobe. Perhaps you can only afford a few items so make them count. A workable wardrobe includes separates you can interchange to create several outfits. A couple tops in basic colors and a pair of pants and a skirt can be combined with items you already have to give you a whole new look. Make sure you clothing fits well without being too small or too large, and you will look your best wearing it. If you need to lose a few pounds, now is a good time to start working on that too. Just losing five or 10 pounds can give you a new outlook, and you will feel more energetic besides.

Now that you have all the pieces to your new look, enjoy spending an evening out with friends. You may find some extra attention being focused on the new you and end up meeting someone special. If you are in a work situation with other people they will probably notice your improved appearance and your new outlook. You may even find yourself getting a promotion you had not expected. Employees who display a sense of confidence are noticed by management, and often promoted.

The nice thing about improving your appearance is that you will also improve your feeling of self worth. Each step you take will inspire you to take the next, and you will soon be looking as good as possible and feeling great about yourself too. Use these makeover ideas to get started down the road to a better you.