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Aromatherapy Recipes For Skincare

We all spend an increasing amount of money each year on different skincare products, all of which offer us the opportunity to look younger and hold back the ravages of time. Many of the skincare products we purchase can contain harsh chemical ingredients, so from a holistic point of view, we are sabotaging our bodies in the effort to look good.

Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to living a natural life and finding inner peace and a healthy balance in general. Many people will have heard about aromatherapy massages and may have even experienced a massage from a qualified therapist at some point, but there is an almost overlooked side to aromatherapy and that is, that the essential oils used can make some skincare products that are wonderful and kind even to sensitive skin.

Surprisingly, they are not even difficult to make and the cost is minimal too. Investing in some quality pure essential oils is a must however, so before spending a lot of money on buying large quantities of oils from your local health store, it is advisable to read up on the oils and aromatherapy recipes first and just choose a select few.

There are numerous publications and articles all advocating the benefits of making your own skincare products, but many people either do not realize just how easy it is or simply find it hard to fit in another task into their busy days. There are many aromatherapy recipes available and initially it is wise to try out existing recipes rather than creating your own, at least until there is a firm understanding of the oils and their individual qualities.

Aromatherapy Recipe 1 - Enriching Nail Oil

2 teaspoon almond oil
1 teaspoon apricot-seed oil
1 400 IU capsule vitamin E oil

Mix the ingredients together and add to a small bottle. Use each morning and evening to help nails become less brittle and dry.

Aromatherapy Recipe 2 - Moisturizing Hand Crème

5 drops of lavender oil
1 teaspoon almond oil

Add to a bowl of water and soak hands for ten minutes.

Aromatherapy Recipe 3 - Moisturizing Body Oil

2 fl oz jojoba oil
10 drops grapefruit oil
15 drops lavender oil

Add ingredients together in a small bottle and rub a few drops into skin after bathing or showering. Rub into damp skin for maximum effect.

These sample recipes are only a small sample of those, which are available in various different publications. Learn to replace those harsh skincare products which are manufactured on a large scale, instead, satisfy the natural you, by creating your own skincare products.