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´╗┐Aromatherapy Treatment For Children

If you are an advocate of the benefits of using aromatherapy regularly, then you may be considering promoting this natural holistic therapy to your children as they become enthusiastic and absorb information like a sponge when young and by incorporating it into their life at an early age, it would soon became a natural and accepted process for them and this may well continue throughout their lives.

Essential oils are distilled from flowers, wood, roots, leaves etc and are renowned for their various healing qualities worldwide but some are not suitable for use as an aromatherapy treatment on children. It is always best to research the compatibility of some oils with prescribed medication or conditions for example, and a qualified practitioner will be able to recommend a suitable oil for use at home and could give you some tips on mixing oils or those which could be used for healing purposes. Alternatively, there are some very good comprehensive books in the marketplace which will guide you when making your choice of oil.

An aromatherapy treatment has so many benefits and can instil a sense of happiness, love and well-being into your child and this would be therapeutic for both of you. It also gives you time together, to learn, to absorb and to bond. Quality time can often be difficult to find, so this is a wonderful way of capturing those moments. Ensure that the oil used is pure essential oil and not synthetic oil which would not be appropriate for use with children and could even be harmful.

Massage on children has huge beneficial affects and can be nurturing and loving and as well as being wonderful for health and happiness, can help to cement those naturally strong bonds. Be careful not to massage too hard or deeply into the muscles, the touch should be gentle and light and worked in the direction of the natural blood flow, firmer strokes upwards. For example: from wrist to shoulder.

Aromatherapy treatment for massage:

For sleep - 2 drops of Roman Chamomile and 4 drops of lavender mixed in base oil such as Almond. This can then be massaged gently into the skin and will induce good slumber.

Aromatherapy treatment for inhalation:

For sleep - 2 drops of lavender under the pillow will aid restful sleep

For alertness - Use 2-4 drops lemon or bergamot and add to an oil burner. The oil added to water is gently heated by the candle below

Aromatherapy treatment for minor cuts and abrasions

Minor treatments - An equal mix of one part lavender and one part tea tree oil can be used on an abrasion. The lavender is soothing but it also has healing properties and the tea tree oil is an antiseptic. Apply to a bandage as opposed to directly to the skin as this would be too irritating.