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´╗┐Create Your Own Aromatherapy Gift

Sometimes referred to as the plants life-force, aromatherapy oils have healing and mood enhancing properties which when used correctly can have a tremendous, positive effect on you and your closest family and friends. Aromatherapy essential oils have such diversity and wide-reaching benefits; they can be used at home in oil burners, in massage, in diffusers, and in lotions and skin-care regimes. They can also be used at work when facing nervous situations, feeling negative thoughts, or to increase clarity of mind and improve concentration.

Essentials oils affect people in two ways, by being used on the skin and subsequently entering the blood system where they have a positive effect on the circulation of the blood and of course, through the nose, as the oils are inhaled and this is how we respond to specific aromas and this connects with our mood.

Giving an aromatherapy gift for birthdays or Christmas is a wonderful idea and there are so many products available, but it is so simple to make the perfect aromatherapy gift when using essential oils just by being a little creative and giving up a small amount of your time. There is very little knowledge required, but make sure that you have read up on any contra-indications relative to the oil used and are aware of any conditions experienced by the gift recipient. There are so many wonderful gifts such as candles, incense and skin-care products for example, that the student aromatherapist will have difficulty choosing what to make.

Aromatherapy gift 1 - Honey lip balm

1 teaspoon honey
1 tablespoon beeswax. (grated)
4 tablespoons almond oil

This is a very simple yet effective preparation to make.
Warm the oil and beeswax in a saucepan until the wax melts completely.
Once this has been done, turn off the heat and then add honey.

The mixture should be stirred thoroughly and then poured into a jar. If you already have an empty lip balm jar, this would be perfect and would be a great way to recycle the jar. Remember to stir the mixture occasionally and then store in a cool place.

If you really want to be creative, make your own labels.

Aromatherapy gift 2 - Moisturizing oil

30 ml jojoba oil
3 drops chamomile essential oil
3 drops neroli essential oil

Add all ingredients together in a small dark glass bottle with a dropper so that it is easy to dispense. As before, create a fancy label and this then makes the perfect gift even for someone who has sensitive skin.

Aromatherapy gift 3 - Cleansing oil

1 400 iu capsule vitamin E oil
4 fl oz almond oil
10 drops of carrot - seed essential oil

Mix the ingredients together and add to a small dark glass bottle.
This cleansing oil is now ready to use.

There are so many simple, natural recipes to make and as you become more experienced, you can attempt to create your own. Whether you make them for yourself or for others, they are a beautiful healthy gift.