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Anti-aging Hormonal Substitutes

Hormones play a large part in the development and health of your skin, so exploring vitamin supplements and hormonal substitutes may help you to figure out how to keep your skin healthy and blemish-free. Here are some tips for using hormonal substitutes to your advantage, as well as some of the lifestyle changes that you’ll want to consider in order to achieve anti-aging health.

One of the best ways to make the most of anti-aging skincare is to take as many preventative measures as possible. This means you can start the anti-aging process even in your teen years, or while you’re in your early twenties. Doing things like buying cheap vitamin supplements at your local grocery or health food store, or selecting the best anti aging cream for your skin type are things that are easy and affordable, and with the proper diet and adequate rest, you’ll start seeing results sooner than you think.

The hormones that are present in some hormonal treatments or birth control pills can also have an effect on your anti-aging health. Estrogen is the hormone that gives women soft, round features, and during the menopausal years, when women are perhaps most concerned about anti-aging skincare, estrogen supplements or treatments are sometimes prescribed in order to bring balance to the skin and the body. Lack of estrogen or progesterone (a neutral hormone found in both men and women) can sometimes cause blemishes, and dry the skin, which can lead to wrinkles, so monitoring hormone levels is definitely a vital part of anti-aging health.

Before you begin any hormonal substitute regimen or start taking any supplements for anti-aging, make sure that you talk to both your doctor and dermatologist to find out which internal and external supplements are best for you based on you skin type and/or existing health conditions. Your doctor should be able to tell you which vitamins are best for anti-aging as well, so you may have to incorporate certain vitamins such as B6 or zinc into your diet in order to cleanse your body of factors that may cause aging. Hormonal supplements may also work best when you are caring for your body in other ways, such as exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Anti-aging health depends on the rate at which your body is allowed to renew itself, so your hormonal substitutes, in addition to vitamin intake and a healthy lifestyle, will give you the anti-aging benefits you’re looking for in no time.

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