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´╗┐Alternative To Prescription Medicine Your Doctor Won't Admit

Many people die each year from the side effects of prescription drugs. There are some people who because of this statistic make it a rule to never ever take any kind of prescription drug. Yet there are others who, because of certain medical conditions, are forced to take many different types of drugs each day, both prescription and over the counter. It is not well known that they are many medicine alternatives for both of these types of drugs. The drug companies and even some doctors would like nothing better than for us to believe that their heavily promoted prescription drugs or the many popular over the counter medications are the only substances that can be used for relief from many medical conditions. But, a little research into the world of natural health will prove that there is a medicine alternative for nearly every type of medicine on the market. Here are just a few examples.

- For the pain and inflammation of arthritis, instead of taking Celebrex, a prescription drug with many documented side effects, try the medicine alternative of fish oil capsules. This is a natural anti-inflammatory with no side effects at a much lower price. Capsaicin cream worked wonders on muscle and joint pain, too. Made from edible hot peppers, you can't get much more natural relief!

- Sufferers of migraine headaches will find that the medicine alternative of an herb called feverfew will work just as quickly as the prescription Imitrex, but without the side effects of heart attack and stroke.

- When you are in the throes of a winter cold, the first things you want to do is bring home some OTC cold medicines along with the Kleenex and chicken soup. But all these medicines do is relieve the cold symptoms short term. Minerals, herbs, and vitamins used as a medicine alternative can actually make your cold last almost half the time as usual. Zinc lozenges and Vitamin C will give you far more relief that conventional remedies. Plus, the addition of amino acids and antioxidants like cysteine and quercetin boost the immune system and lessen the symptoms of a cold.

- Studies have proven that the herb called St John's Wort is a viable medicine alternative to most of the antidepressants on the market.

- Garlic has been shown to be a medicine alternative for prescription antibiotics, and also has lowered blood pressure in some individuals.

The use of a medicine alternative for those drugs that you take on a regular basis is something you should consider. Not only will you take no chances of being affected by the side effects of prescription drugs, but you will also save money. Most prescription drugs are quite expensive when compared to the cost of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. If you value your health, and want to protect your pocketbook, research your medications and come up with some natural options for yourself.