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´╗┐When Is Diabetes More Responsive To Alternative Medicine?

You just returned from your doctor's office, and you are still a little in shock. You knew you had been feeling tired and out of sorts - not like yourself at all. But you had no idea that the doctor would find anything really wrong. Now, it turns out that you have borderline diabetes. The doctor said if you didn't take care of yourself, it could develop into full-fledged diabetes! You certainly don't want that. He advised you to watch what you ate, keep a check on your blood sugar, and all should be okay. You didn't like the sound of that "should". What should you do? It's simple. Your pre-diabetes needs more alternative medicine than a change of diet. How about trying herbs?

Diabetes has been around practically since the beginning of time. We haven't always had allopathic remedies such as insulin to treat it, either. What do you think our ancestors used for diabetes and pre-diabetes, too? That's right - herbs. A natural diabetes treatment does more as alternative medicine, simply because the herbs are all natural, have few if any side effects, and are extremely effective. The addition of a few of these herbs to your daily regime could make a real difference in how you feel in just a short time.

What are the herbs that can control diabetes more effectively when used as alternative medicine? Here are a few listed below for your information.

- Cayenne
- Cinnamon
- Huckleberry
- Yarrow
- Banaba - A natural plant insulin
- Licorice Extract
- Guggle
- Bitter Melon - Regulates blood sugar
- Juniper Berries
- Vanadyl Sulfate

None of these herbs are especially expensive, and if just one of them helped to keep you from reaching the stage where you had t o have daily insulin injections, it would be well worth whatever price paid.

Of course, it is to the advantage of the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA to keep this information quiet. But, as more and more people learn that diabetes responds more quickly to alternative medicine, you will see natural products like herbs in use more often than not.

Pre-diabetes/borderline diabetes is not anything to take lightly. You should make lifestyle changes and use safe, natural herbal remedies to keep your blood sugar under control. Once you have seen how diabetes responds more efficiently to alternative medicine, it will be a method you'll want to use as a precaution against the development of Type 2 diabetes. Insulin has its own set of side effects, just like most prescription medications, and can interfere with other prescription drugs that you may have to take because there are no herbal substitutes for them, such as birth control pills. In the case of diabetes, alternative medicine is the safest method for blood sugar management.