Featured Aerobics Article


´╗┐Benefits Of Aerobic Activity Are Surprising

A lot of people realize that exercise in and of itself has a lot of benefits that come along with it. One particular form of exercise, however, comes with a laundry list of perks that are almost too many to cite. The benefits to aerobic activity, in fact, will surprise many. The fact is this form of movement can have positive impacts on the body and the mind and perhaps even the soul.

The benefits to aerobic activity involve several different areas. The two main categories are physical health and mental health. Let's take a look.


The perks on the physical front are many. This form of exercise is known for working not only the major muscle groups, such as the arms, legs and torso, but also the cardiovascular system. In the process of doing this, the benefit to aerobic exercise for the body itself include:

- Increased cardiovascular health. As the body is worked out, the heart pumps stronger, the lungs breath deeper and oxygen is delivered more efficiently throughout the blood stream. The main benefits to aerobic activity on this front include decreased blood pressure readings, lowered cholesterol and even a stronger, healthier heart muscle.

- Increased endurance. As the body gets a good workout, the endurance level will slowly rise. If the benefits to aerobic activity are fully achieved, a person will find endurance levels gaining as the weeks and months go on.

- Fat burning. This is one of the biggest perks. The reality is this is a great fat burner and muscle toner.

- Disease prevention. This is also one of the benefits to aerobic activity. While it can't work 100 percent of the time, it does help prevent heart disease, diabetes and other such conditions.


The benefits to aerobic activity are known to also have a mental component. As the body enjoys a good workout and even better oxygenation, the mind and emotions are also effected. The benefits to aerobic activity for the mind and emotions include:

- Stress reduction. A good workout can help turn a bad day into a good one. This form of exercise is great for helping shed stress.

- Self-esteem. As fat is burned and muscles are toned, people tend to gain self-esteem. This is one benefit to aerobic exercise that shouldn't be discounted.

The benefits to aerobic activity are many. Offering a solid way to improve health and outlook, this form of exercise can be great for almost anyone to add to their routine.