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´╗┐Step Aerobics Provides A Fun Twist For Exercising

Not everyone enjoys the standard gym options for obtaining a great aerobics workout. Dance type classes don't fit their style, cycling is just not their speed and even getting on a treadmill or cross-trainer sounds boring. Fortunately, there are a lot of other possibilities out there. Step aerobics might just be the ideal workout for these people.

This form of aerobics exercise is generally done to a routine with music. The perk here is that it can be done in a class, it can be done at home, and it can even be completed at work if stairs are available.

The basic idea behind step aerobics is to get the body moving and heart pumping just like it would going up and down a staircase. In a home or class setting, this is accomplished using a singe, double or triple step prop that allows participants to mimic the movements of stair climbing. To make step aerobics more fun, many home and class routines involve a bit of choreography and even music.

The benefits of step aerobics are many. The reality is this type of exercise can help:

- Burn calories. One of the best side effects of step aerobics is the activity's ability to help the body more effectively burn fat and calories. By making oxygen use more efficient, this type of exercise is known for helping the pounds melt away.

- Heart health. Step aerobics when performed correctly can help a person increase their overall heart health. This form of exercise helps lower blood pressure, sends oxygen to the heart and can even reduce cholesterol levels.

- Endurance. This is another great benefit of this kind of exercise. The more the activity is done and the more it's performed on a regular basic, the more likely a person is to increase their endurance levels.

- Muscle tone. While this form of exercise will tend to tone the legs more than the rest of the body, other props can be added in, such as hand or arm weights, that can make sure a total body workout is enjoyed.

- Stress reduction. Aerobics exercise of any form is noted for helping relieve stress, which is in turn good for the entire body.

- Disease prevention. Any form of aerobic exercise when completed on a regular basis can help the body get into better shape. In turn, these exercises help stave off such problems as diabetes and heart disease.

It's a little different than a typical aerobics class, but the benefits of step aerobics are still great. Providing a workout that can be done at home, in the gym or even at work, this form of exercise makes sure a person has the bases covered.

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