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´╗┐Acupuncture Charts Provide Valuable Information

Acupuncture charts are tools used by acupuncturists to tell them where they should treat a patient. These charts are effective, hands on and easily accessible, which will give instant access to more information. Patients that come in can also learn from using these charts. By implementing a series of acupuncture charts, patients can learn what is happening and why, helping them to see the real benefits of including acupuncture in their daily lives.

There are many types of acupuncture charts available today. For example, an acupuncture meridians chart will point out where the 12 main acupuncture meridians are located. It may also explain the anatomical area effectively. Another type of chart can convey the various acupuncture formulas used. Since there are over 100 of these in Chinese acupuncture, having an easy tool to access this information is helpful. These charts will contain the formulas as well as help for commonly treated conditions with them.

For those that want to learn more, consider acupuncture charts that outline information through TCM and Meridian charts. Here, traditional Chinese medicine is explored on the charts, outlining much of the information you need. They sometimes include information on the five element theory, too. Pulse diagnosis, headache treatment and tongue diagnosis information may also be included. These useful tools help to explain the in depth acupuncture methods to both the user and the receiver!

Sometimes it can be helpful to have micro system charts. These will outline the very minute details that are so important such as the Chinese ear acupuncture chart which will outline all the details of the ear alone, in detail. Other similar acupuncture charts including auriculotherapy charts, Korean hand acupuncture and even addiction charts outlining the steps of treating a variety of conditions correctly.

When you visit any health center with these displayed, you will find that they are mainly used as reference materials. Skilled and experienced acupuncturists will not need to reference them. In many ways, they can serve as a tool for educating you, the patient. This way, they can thoroughly explain what needs to be done and how it will help you. Otherwise, explaining these things to the individual can be difficult to do and even overwhelming. Seeing a picture can help to bring home the message in a clearer form.

When purchasing acupuncture charts be sure to get those that are most modern. They should also include details clearly. Purchase from a trusted provider so that you are sure you are getting high quality every time. In most cases, these charts will be used over and over again for educational benefits.