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´╗┐Basics Of Acne Skin Care

Acne skin care is a fine balance between trying to keep skin clean and not irritating it further. Irritation can cause acne to flair up even more, so it is very important that an acne skin care routine is well suited to provide cleansing that is gentle.

Irritation and Flair Ups

Irritation can affect acne in a couple ways. First, it can cause scarring and problems with acne. Second, it can cause more acne to crop up.

Irritation in the form of dryness is a high culprit in acne. Many people think oily skin is the main factor in acne, but actually dry skin is just as bad, if not worse. When skin is dry the glands will try to produce more oil as a reaction to the dryness. The excess oil production clogs pores and causes acne.

It is very important to prevent dry skin if you want to keep your acne under control. The common misconception of moisturizing being harmful to skin is proven wrong, as you can see so make sure not to skip this step in skin care routine. This will help you to avoid irritated skin.

Getting Down a Routine

An acne skin care routine starts with washing the skin. The best wash will be one suited to your skin type. You want something that is mild and not irritating. Make sure to wash the whole face, including the jaw line and near the hair line. You should wash morning and evening.

You should follow up washing with exfoliating. You can use a scrub or facial mask. Make sure to not be too rough when exfoliating. Let the product do the work.

After exfoliating you will use a toner to remove excess cleanser and dead skin. Use a toner made for your skin tone.

Lastly you will moisturize. Use a light moisturizer that will not clog pores and is made for the face.

Other Tips

Other things you can do in your acne skin care routine are:

- Do not touch your skin. If you do need to touch your skin make sure you wash your hands first. Touching skin can clog pores.

- Choose make up carefully. Try makeup designed for use on acne prone skin. Avoid makeup with oil as one of the main ingredients.

- Do not overuse over the counter acne medication. If you use OTC acne medication to treat your skin you should follow all the directions carefully to prevent irritation.

Acne skin care is all about being aware of the myths and the misconceptions. Follow a good routine and make sure you stick to it. You may not be able to prevent all acne, but you should see a nice result after regular acne skin care.