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Acne Skin Care

´╗┐The Right Skin Care For Acne Prone Men

It is a well known fact that men and women have different kinds of skin, and they are often plagued by different kinds of skin problems. However, there are also common skin problems that both sexes encounter, and one of these is acne. Skin care for acne prone men may be slightly different from the women's in a few distinct ways. While women are more prone to acne due the make-up and lotions they put on their faces or skin, men are prone to acne because of the activities that they indulge in, and also certain factors in their environments.

Finding the right kind of skin care for acne prone men is actually not that hard, and it is actually somewhat similar to what women would do to get the products that will effectively make their skin clean and healthy. One of the things that both sexes share when it comes to taking care of acne problems is the cleansing and maintenance of the skin. The kind of products you use to take care of acne prone skin is also important. Always use a mild kind of skin care product when you are cleansing your skin, and you should very well avoid scrubbing. Since men are usually used to scrubbing, they should remember that the right skin care for acne prone men requires that they do not scrub the acne prone parts of the skin to avoid breakouts. Another tip that men will do well to follow is to clean their faces with their fingertips only. While some men may think that this cleansing method may be a bit too feminine for their masculine tendencies, it is one of the right things to do if they truly want to have proper skin care.

While men may not wear makeup on their faces, there are some who will use certain male cosmetic items that may come in contact with their skin. Included in the list of cosmetic items that men should be careful of are aftershave lotions or splashes that may contain certain substances that can cause acne, hair gel or hair spray or any hair styling substances, shaving cream that is not non-comedogenic, and facial cleansers and toners that may cause breakout. You may also need to consult a dermatologist to get the right kind of skin care products that can be used as proper skin care for acne prone men.

Also associated with the dos and don'ts of skin care for acne prone men is the method by which men shave themselves. Carelessly shaving off facial hair can scrape or nick certain acne lesions, and this can cause possible scarring. If shaving is unavoidable, you can use safer methods of shaving, like using electric razors or making sure that the hair you are about to shave off is soft enough for easy shaving.