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Abdominoplasty In Connecticut


Connecticut offers abdominoplasty to anyone who wishes to have a flatter abdomen and cleaner and more beautiful belly.

If you are considering undergoing Connecticut abdominoplasty, here is how it is being performed:

There are two types of abdominoplasty in Connecticut: the full and partial abdominoplasty. Each follows unique procedure but with only one aim: to produce a good-looking belly for its every patient.

Connecticut full abdominoplasty.

Basically, full abdominoplasty is performed through the following:

There are two incisions made for the whole procedure.

First, incision will be made across the hip (is just above the pubic area). The long incision will become the basis of the whole procedure. Then, the second incision will be made on the navel area. This aims to free the navel from the surrounding skin. It is important since the skin will be stretched to the point where the navel will have its new location and the original skin surrounding the navel will be relocated or even removed depending on the sagging condition.

Then, the outer skin will be detached from the abdominal wall, revealing the muscle tissues. This will then be tightened with the use of sutures. After that, the skin separated from the tissue will be reattached and the extra skin removed. It is important that the skin will be stretched so that the sagging will be removed after. Then, a new hole for the navel will be created. The skin will be stitched into place. Finally, the stitches are dressed while the excess fluid is drained.

The whole abdominoplasty procedure will last from 2-5 hours. And during that time, the patient is under general anesthesia. In other words, the patient is sleeping during the whole procedure.

The healing process will take up to 2 weeks. There is a tendency that the first few days after the surgery, the incision will swell. Pain can also be felt days after. However, swelling and pain can be controlled with the use of prescribed medications. Dressing must be changed and showering is done depending on the instruction of the doctor. Patients are expected to walk immediately after the procedure but he or she cannot stand up straight for the mean time.

Connecticut partial abdominoplasty.

Partial abdominoplasty is simpler to perform than the full abdominoplasty.

Here are the basics on how Connecticut partial abdominoplasty is done:

An incision will be made on the across the hip (same location with Connecticut full abdominoplasty) but it is much smaller. Then, the skin will be separated from the muscle tissue (from the incision up to just below the navel). The skin will be stretched down and the excess skin will be removed. Finally, the flap will be stitched back into place and dressed.

Unlike Connecticut full abdominoplasty, the Connecticut partial abdominoplasty will take only 1-2 hours to perform. Normally, Connecticut partial abdominoplasty patient is under local anesthesia. But, depending on the agreement, general anesthesia is possible.

Also, a patient who has undergone Connecticut partial abdominoplasty can go home immediately.

One thing that may not be a good invite to Connecticut partial abdominoplasty is that sometimes, the navel will have irregularities for some of its skin is pulled down. However, it the result may vary from patient to patient.

Connecticut abdominoplasty either partial of full will produce good result for both male and female. So if you think you need Connecticut abdominoplasty, consult Connecticut abdominoplasty surgeons now.