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Abdominoplasty In New York City

Living in the Big Apple entitles you to a fast-phased life and self-consciousness. It is important to look great in this city since everybody wants to look good as well. So, there are more and more people who try to build an investment on their body to simply make their image more presentable and make their body more admirable.

This is easy to achieve if you are already good looking. However, for those who struggle to ook good especially with their belly, there is much work to do.

Now, if you are one of these people who desire to look great, several surgeries are performed right here in New York City and one of these is abdominoplasty surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery could be regarded as the best mean to perfectly even up your abdomen in case it needs to be tucked. This will enable you to have a perfect abdomen that you can show of without embarrassment and hesitation.

Two common cases of skin sagging involve pregnancy and weight loss. In pregnancy, it is a natural tendency that the skin will stretch due to the expansion of the womb. After giving birth, the skin will not be able to return to its original form and will maintain the sag unless abdominoplasty is performed.

Weight loss on the other hand should be a good thing especially to those people who have invested their time and money just to shed some pounds off their body. However, once the fat is removed, the skin will maintain stretched. And the only way to make it look normal is by undergoing abdominoplasty.

So if you fall in either of these conditions, New York City abdominoplasty will treat you.

There are two type of abdominoplasty surgery that is performed in New York City (there are actually only 2 abdominoplasty surgeries performed anywhere): full and partial.

Full abdominoplasty is especially performed to those with moderate to severe case of skin sagging. Here, abdominoplasty surgeons perform two major incisions: one across the hipbone and the other is on the navel area. The former will facilitate the removal of the skin from the abdominal tissue while the latter will free the navel from the skin. These two incisions are important to achieve the desired tummy look. Afterwards, the skin will be "stretched" up to the point that when it will be stitched back to the skin, it will achieve the perfect look. Then, the excess skin will be removed. The whole procedure will take about 5 hours to finish and the patient's full recovery is expected to be in a couple of weeks.

For partial abdominoplasty surgery, New York surgeons follow the standard procedure of making shorter incision on the skin across the hipbone. If full abdominoplasty required to move the navel, partial requires none of it. This procedure is applicable to minor cases of skin sagging. And most patients are awake during the whole process. To prove more that it is safe, partial abdominoplasty can be done to out patients and would only take at least 1-2 hours to complete.

Whether, full or partial, abdominoplasty in New York City promises to give you the best look you can achieve. And although there are side effects (like all other surgeries), the return in big and worth all the money and consequences if there are any.