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Stop Smoking

Things To Do If You Want To Stop Smoking


When you want to stop smoking, that is a big decision. You make it more likely that you will succeed if you plan first. You can help yourself stop smoking by following the tips in this article; they are effective ways for you to quit for good.

1. Talk to a physician about your health. Doctors can prescribe medication for quitting smoking if you'd like, but they can do a lot more. They can let you know where you stand in regard to your current health, which is important because smoking can cause health problems, so it is wise to have a medical evaluation of your health. A doctor can also have you tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so you can work on maximizing your health all around.

2. Talk to your friends and family and ask them for support. They may not realize how difficult it is to stop smoking, so you may need to reach out and ask for encouragement. Your loved ones are more than happy to help you reach your goal.

3. Do a thorough cleaning of your car, house and clothes to get rid of the scent of smoke. Why? Because that scent will likely make you crave a cigarette. Give yourself a clean environment to start your cleaner life.

4. Eat a diet that is nutritious and healthy. Not only will it stave off weight gain often thought to accompany smoking cessation, but exercise pumps your body full of endorphins, and you will feel great. You can do any kind of exercise and see a benefit, but try to do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three to four times a week.

5. Work on stress before you get stressed out. You need to think carefully about how to handle stress in the future without tobacco. You won't be able to run and get a cigarette. Practice any de-stressing techniques that make sense for you, from deep breathing to therapy sessions, so that you will be prepared when you come up against stress you don't want to deal with.

6. Join an online forum for support. It can be so helpful to have those who know what you are feeling near you. Because people in the forum know what you are going through, they can help you by providing you with ideas and suggestions about how you can cope in a better way. You can even share your own encouraging sentiments with others.

7. Find new things to do. Get a hobby and distract yourself from thoughts of cigarettes. You won't have time to think about cravings if you are doing something that excites you, so think about trying something new that you always wanted to try.

If you really want to stop smoking, you have to really give yourself a shot. When you do that, you can quit for once and for all. You just have to make sure that you follow the tips in this article in order to make the changes you need to make.