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Succeeding When It Is Time To Cease Smoking


Out of all the addictions that a human being can embrace, breaking the one associated with smoking is up there as one of the hardest to deal with. Unfortunately there is no magical pill, sure-fire cure or easy quick-fix that will make breaking your love of smoking disappear; however, there are ways to get through the process successfully. Here's a few ideas to help you on your quit quest.

Start off by setting a date that you want to quit and stick to it. Do not make the date so far off in the distance that it will take forever to arrive, but don't make it so soon that you are totally unprepared, either. Aim for a couple of weeks from now so that you can get everything you need together to prepare for your mission. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Leading up to your quit date, keep a record of your thoughts each time you are having a smoke. Write down what you were doing that triggered your desire to smoke, how you were feeling and how you felt afterwards. Clearly record your reasons for wanting to quit and what you intend to do with the extra money that you will save when you are no longer purchasing your smoking products. Use this journal as a motivational tool during your quit efforts and refer to it often, particularly when you feel that you are weakening and the desire to smoke is getting too strong to ignore.

There are several activities that automatically trigger a desire to smoke. One of the biggest is during the consumption of alcohol, another is while you are talking on the telephone. There will be certain behaviors particular to you that will invoke an automatic desire to light up. Be aware of what these are and try to avoid them during the first few months of your quit. Once you are past this initial time period, you can indulge in these pastimes again but continue to be very wary about the temptations that will surround you. It is particularly common to accept a cigarette when you have had a couple of alcoholic beverages while justifying it to yourself that "just one won't hurt."

Surround yourself with a support network of family and friends that you can turn to when the desire to smoke becomes overwhelming. Instead of lighting up, take the time to turn to these people first for the help you need to get past the smoking urge. The more people that you tell you are giving up smoking, the bigger the circle of encouragement you can rely on during the dark moments ahead.

If you happen to fall off the wagon and have a cigarette, do not despair. This does not mean that your quit is over and you should just admit defeat and go back to smoking full-time. Your brain and body will be looking for any excuse they can get to start smoking again so do not cave in! Simply stub out that cigarette and never smoke again. One hour at a time, one day at a time is all that it takes for you to achieve your goal of officially being labeled a non-smoker.