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Stop Smoking With These Great Tips


Everyone knows that putting down those cigarettes can be an extremely difficult experience. When you do finally decide to stop smoking, you want to be ready in order to know what you're doing. You can't go into this without a fully-developed plan. Keep reading to learn more about how to stop smoking with these great tips.

You must have totally committed yourself to quitting smoking before it will work. The rest of the steps will come in conjunction with this. However, if you forget this step, then nothing else is going to work. Don't second guess yourself using the information you've just heard. Use it to make your commitment stronger so that you know you can quit smoking.

Decide how you would like to quit. There are many different things that can aid you on your journey, or you can try cold turkey. Most people would say quitting smoking cold turkey isn't an option for them and wouldn't recommend it, but to each his own. It's up to you, as everyone's addiction level and personalities are different. You can also use the gum or patch to help you get off nicotine a little at a time. Or, you can speak with your doctor about different prescription medications that could prove very beneficial.

Decide on what motivates you to stop smoking cigarettes, and use these things to help your plan stay strong. Perhaps you like to reward yourself with a nice weekend movie experience, or maybe you will fix something special for dinner. Maybe you want to take the family out with the money you're saving from smoking cigarettes, or maybe you want to set other new goals.

Don't take a puff off a cigarette thinking it will be okay. You don't want to be that easy of a pushover right from the beginning. Again, you must be committed to quitting. However, if you do take a puff of a cigarette, this doesn't mean that you just give in to smoking again. This means that you need to pick up right where you left off and keep on going. One puff or one cigarette isn't going to do you in, but picking up the habit again like normal will definitely do that.

Get support from every direction that you can. You need the support of your friends and family, and you need to find people that you can identify with as well. If there is a support group available in your community, this would be the biggest help. However, there are support groups, resources, and other information online that is available to you as well. This helps with availability no mater what because you might find someone online that is having craving issues at the same time you are no matter the time of day.

If you really desire to quit smoking, then you need to be doing everything you can in order to be successful. Make sure you follow the tips that you've read here in order to find success.