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Stop Smoking Support Groups Provide The Help You Need


There are a number of ways that smokers can stop smoking. Among them are treatments such as hypnotherapy and medications such as nicotine patches. No matter what type of stop smoking method you use, it's important that you have a good support system in place. In this article, we will discuss the various types of stop smoking support available that can help you kick the habit.

For some people it's enough to have the support of family members and friends. If the people you know tend to be supportive and helpful and you can trust them not to undermine your efforts, simply sharing your plans with them and asking for their help may be all you need. It's important that you know that you can count on your family and friends to help distract you and avoid cravings for nicotine. If not, don't despair! There are many other support options available.

You can find good stop smoking programs with an Internet search or by browsing through the phone book. Additionally, your physician may be able to provide you with the referrals. If you're going to attend an actual group, naturally it's important that meetings be local and conveniently scheduled. Many people are able to get the support they need through online groups and hotlines. These options are especially helpful for people who travel or for those who keep odd hours.

If you decide to try a stop smoking telephone hotline, you will have a number of choices. This type of hotline is actually called Quitline and is offered by the American Cancer Society. This convenient service can provide you with counseling by phone, referrals to groups and resources and other forms of assistance.

You may also find very helpful support resources on the Internet. Many stop-smoking websites offer chat rooms and forums where people stopping smoking can share their experiences and ideas. Counseling online is also available, and you can also find excellent resources online such as self help guides, exercises and a wide variety of information. For many people, taking part in an active stop smoking online community provides all the help they need to stay on track.

While growing numbers of smokers are able to get the assistance they need in a virtual setting, there are still many smokers who prefer actual support groups. These types of groups are usually led by a fully trained counselor specializing in smoking cessation. This type of group usually meets for a set number of sessions; however, you're sure to make new friends in your stop smoking group who will continue to offer you support even after the group has ended.

For an ongoing group, you might seek a 12-step program specifically for smokers. These groups are called Nicotine Anonymous, and they follow the same type of recovery program offered by alcoholics anonymous. It is free to join this type of member-led recovery group and you can begin at any time.

Of course, money may be a consideration. Be sure to check with your Health Insurance provider to find out if counseling and other smoking cessation products and services are covered. Avoid any stop smoking support service that seems to charge an exorbitant amount. There are plenty of good resources available that are either free or reasonable.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help! Stopping smoking is very difficult, and it's especially hard to go it alone. Follow the tips presented here to get the help you need to stop smoking for good.