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Stop Smoking Successfully and For Good


Nicotine cravings are very strong, in fact, they have been said to be as strong as the craving for heroin. That's why it is so hard to quit smoking. In this article, we will explore some great methods to help you overcome your craving for nicotine.

First of all, understand and be prepared for the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting nicotine. Remember that addiction to nicotine is addiction to a drug, and the withdrawal symptoms can be pretty serious. They include:

* Excessive hunger
* Anxiety and jitters
* Depression
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Headaches
* Nausea

Because of these symptoms, you may want to take some time off when you first stop smoking. A trip to a spa or other quiet and restful place where you will be well cared for and have options for relaxation along with excellent food and care may help insure your success. You really need to be able to focus on your stop smoking project. Trying to work and be attentive to the cares of daily living is not realistic.

Treat yourself as if you are recovering from an illness. Get lots of rest and sleep and drink lots of fresh, pure filtered water to help flush toxins from your system. Avoid drinking alcohol or soda. Stick with water as it's the very best beverage you could choose when detoxifying your system. Give yourself permission to get all the R & R you need for at least a week when you first stop smoking.

If you cannot afford to get away to rest and relax while you stop smoking, ask friends and family members to come to your home and help you. Getting all smoking paraphernalia out of the house in advance of your stopping and cleaning carpets, furnishings and drapes to remove the smell of smoke will be extremely helpful to you. Having people to talk with who are ready, willing and able to assist you and take care of you will be a tremendous support to you.

Although you will probably feel really awful the first few days, you will begin to feel better after three or four days. When this happens, you should begin getting a little fresh air and exercise. Do some yoga, go for a bike ride, take a swim or go for a walk in the park. You'll be surprised at what a different and more refreshing place the world is when you are free of tobacco smoke.

Throughout your stop smoking and detox week, keep a journal of your experiences. Begin by making a list of all your reasons for quitting and all the positive things you look forward to as a non-smoker. Explore your feelings about quitting and identify the things you have gotten from smoking. Think of ways to provide yourself any positives (e.g. something to do with your hands, a way to punctuate points in a conversation, etc.) without cigarettes.

Even though stopping smoking is an incredibly difficult undertaking, it can be done, and you can do it. Follow the tips presented here to make the most of your stop smoking and detox experience and to quit smoking successfully and for good.