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Smoking Cessation Tips You May Not Have Heard Before


Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, but it is a habit that is very hard to break. If you have tried to stop before without success, you may be tired of reading about the same old techniques over and over again. This article will review a few methods of stopping "cold turkey" that you may not have tried before. Read on for additional information.

Don't think about stopping smoking in terms of "forever." That word just invokes too much anxiety and uncertainty in people; it seems like such a big task to undertake. Instead, change the way you are thinking of this process and the words that you use. Focus first on stopping for a day and then for a week. If you think more short-term, what you are doing seems more possible and you are more likely to succeed.

Make sure you eat! Smoking curbs your hunger, and as a result, you were probably able to go without a meal at times without any ill effects. Now, however, if you do not eat regularly, your body may be affected by the lack of food. This will only exacerbate the withdrawal symptoms that you are already experiencing. Therefore, eat often (five small meals a day is a good idea), but make sure to focus on healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. You don't want to gain weight during this process, so it is important to regulate your diet.

Don't use crutches. A crutch is something you use to help you get through the withdrawal symptoms that you are experiencing; the problem is that many people rely so much on their crutches that if they aren't available one day (for one reason or another), that person then starts smoking again. Remember that you don't need anything other than your own resolve to be successful. You don't have to chew gum or have a smoking buddy. If you would feel better having some support, choose a loved one that has never smoked before to be there for you when you are feeling frustrated.

Realize that you will crave nicotine, particularly in certain situations. When this happens, you may feel anxious and unsure. This feeling will not last forever, however, so you have to be prepared to endure a few minutes of discomfort in order to succeed. To help you get through these times, try to calm yourself or focus on something else for a few minutes. For example, deep breathing exercises can be very effective. You could also try doing a few complicated math problems in your head. Find what works for you and do it.

It isn't easy to stop smoking. You may have tried several times before, only to resume when the withdrawal symptoms became too difficult to deal with. Hopefully, the tips in this article gave you a few ideas that you haven't tried before. Commit yourself to trying again, and continue to remind yourself that you have all the tools you need to be successful this time around.