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Stop Smoking

Not Sure If You Want To Quit Smoking?


Most smokers have a difficult time quitting for a number of reasons, the addictions and psychological issues are the biggest but they also ask themselves why they should. Maybe the health issues haven't cropped up yet and you just don't see a reason to do it. Maybe you have a stressful life and can't manage it without a smoke here and there. This article will give you a few suggestions as to why you should quit smoking and hopefully push you in the direction you need to go to quit cold turkey or with some form of nicotine reduction.

Everyone knows how hard it is to quit smoking, even those who never smoked before. You will gain the respect of more people than many of your life achievements have brought your way. It is a difficult habit to kick and the respect you earn will go a long way in introducing new people in your life which helps in breaking away from those with similar bad habits. Let's face it, your friends may be incredible but if they smoke, you will also when around them.

Shockingly, it is easier to get dates when you do not smoke. We all pop a breath mint before kissing a date but what do you do about the smell on your clothes and in your hair? It's a brutal clash of pleasant and horrific smells filling their nostrils. Dating will go much easier for those that do not smoke and you never know, the person you meet may be an incredible support system to help you stay on the right path of remaining smoke free for the rest of your life.

Trust this when it is said, your friends will appreciate you more for not smoking around them as they will be healthier for it. Remember they are not only getting the smoke you exhale but also the unfiltered smoke coming from the end of the cigarette. this is the ultimate double attack on their lungs and you can be sure if they wanted to inhale it they would start smoking. Nobody wants to see a friend who is unhealthy and that goes for you as well. many people have respiratory issues you may not know about and despite their kindness as to allowing you to smoke around them, you should respect them and not do it.

Here's the biggie as it is the one all smokers complain about. What could you buy for yourself if you didn't smoke? In some states, a person smoking a carton a week is spending over 200 dollars per month on cigarettes. That's a car payment if you think about it. How much do you spend and what else could you do with that money? In one year you could surely travel somewhere nice, even spending on the low end for smoking. Maybe you could save enough in two or three years for a down payment to a new home? If you think about it, the cost of smoking is that much money being spent yearly.

Hopefully, you saw a few reasons that are important enough to you to quit smoking. Think of your friends, the quality of dates you may go on and simply the money you spend each year. That alone is enough to start a new life to which you will be healthier, happier and smiling when you realize what you have accomplished by quitting.