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Nine Ways To Help You Quit Smoking For Good


Smoking is a very harmful addiction which kills thousands of people every day. For smokers, trying to quit can be very hard and overwhelming. In this article, you will find nine effective ways to help you kick your smoking habit permanently.

One important thing to keep in mind when trying to quit, is to believe you can do it. Actually, belief is a powerful weapon scientists have known about for quite some time. In fact, scientific studies are structured to account for the power of belief in the form of a placebo group. Participants in study placebo groups are usually given a sugar pill, but told it is medication. The incredible fact is a percentage actually get well because they believed they were taking actual medication.

When trying to stop smoking, it is important to set a plan in place. Your plan can include activities that will take the place of smoking. It should also have back-up methods in case what you are doing stops working. If you are using a nicotine delivery system, your plan should include tapering off the medication.

There are many reasons people have for wanting to quit smoking. Some want to quit for their own health, while others want to quit for the health of their family since secondhand smoke is also unhealthy. It is important to write down your own personal reason, so it can motivate you when you feel a relapse coming on.

Having a good support system is important during this difficult time. Your friends and family can be a source of support and motivation when you are thinking of giving up. Some of your family members might be former smokers themselves and give you first hand information on what it took for them to quit.

As with any major decision involving your health, it is important to obtain the advice of your doctor. Besides monitoring your health, your doctor has experience with other patients who went through the same scenario. If the going gets tough, your doctor can also provide you with prescriptions for stronger medication.

Mostly everyone recommends exercising when you quit smoking. Not only does exercise help your mood, but helps your body stay in healthy shape. Exercise can also keep you busy so that you have less time to think about your cravings.

Incorporate therapeutic massage into your week. While many consider this a kind of guilty pleasure, it's important when you are giving up smoking. You are actually giving up a somewhat pleasurable activity, so why not substitute it for another activity which will also give you pleasure?

Though some people are successful quitting cold turkey, for many, tapering off is the answer. The process of gradually decreasing the amount of cigarette smoke can be easier for many smokers. In addition, the withdrawal effects are less severe.

It's important to have goals when attempting to quit smoking. One way to have a concrete goal is to set a specific date for quitting. This will solidify your commitment and keep you on track.

Since we all know smoking is dangerous for our health, there is no time like the present to quit. Make sure to continue educating yourself on all the different issues pertaining to kicking the habit. These tips should help you achieve your goal.