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How To Quit Smoking In Five Easy Steps


Are you ready to quit smoking? You need to adopt an efficient method in order to be successful. Read this article for some helpful tips on how to quit smoking.

Start by making a list of the reasons why you need to quit smoking. Anti-smoking campaigns have some powerful arguments but you need to find your own arguments. Ask yourself why it is important that you quit smoking. Make a list of the things you will be able to accomplish thanks to your healthier lifestyle. And if you want to make other changes to your lifestyle such as adopting a healthier diet, you should establish a complete program to adopt these new habits.

Focus on reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day. Reducing this number by one or two cigarettes within a week is a good rhythm. Most smokers have cigarettes in the same settings every day, for instance during breaks at work. You can easily reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day by avoiding the situations in which you usually smoke. You could also try smoking only half of a cigarette to reduce the amount of nicotine you ingest.

Some smokers manage to quit cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey is a possibility if you have been smoking only for a couple of years and can control yourself. You will have to go through withdrawal symptoms for a few days or even a few weeks, but you can make withdrawal easier if you focus on eliminating toxins from your body quickly. The best way to get rid of toxins is to sweat, for instance by working out or going to a sauna. You should also avoid ingesting more toxins by staying away from caffeine, alcohol and junk food.

If you do not feel ready to quit cold turkey, find something you can replace cigarettes with. You could use a nicotine patch, chew some nicotine gum or smoke an e-cigarette. These different products give you the nicotine you need and let you gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you ingest in a day. These products will help you go through withdrawal but they will be efficient only if you make an effort to use them a little less every day.

Give yourself enough time to quit smoking. If you have been smoking for years, it could actually take you a couple of years before you can quit for good. The important thing is that you keep trying. Even if you cannot stand withdrawal any long and smoke a cigarette, your efforts will stay pay off because you were able to reduce the amount of nicotine you need. Quitting will be easier if you take the time to relax, get rid of your stress by working out and improve your self-control.

These five steps should help you quit smoking for good. Take all the time you need and do not hesitate to go to your doctor if you need help or want some recommendations for products you can use.