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Stop Smoking

How To Kick The Butts And Not Look Back


Smoking is a hard habit to give up! Besides being physically and mentally addictive, tobacco use is one of the few drug habits that is legal and (more or less) openly tolerated. This means that you need a great deal of willpower to successfully quit smoking. You can give yourself a little extra help by doing some wise planning before you quit; this article can show you how.

Your level of commitment makes a vital difference in the odds of successfully giving up your smoking habit. The quitting process is never easy, and you need to be dedicated to seeing it through before you start. Do not let this delay your decision to give up smoking, though; you simply need to be aware from the outset of the real size of the task you're setting for yourself. Once you decide to quit, stay dedicated to that goal.

The first thing you can do to have a successful quitting campaign is to make a real program out of it. You should have a plan for the entire process. Research the different aids available to you and decide ahead of time which ones you're going to use. You'll also find it very helpful to have a back-up plan in place. Devise a tactic or two that you don't intend to use unless the going gets really tough.

By this point, you've given quitting enough thought to answer one of the most important questions about the whole process: Why are you quitting? There is no such thing as a wrong answer to this question, but the one you settle on should be compelling to you. This is your motivation for quitting, and it will be extremely important once you're striving to keep from lighting up. You need a motivational thought that you can use to maintain your focus and summon your resolve.

While you can quit "cold turkey" or make use of any one of a number of different aids to ease yourself off of nicotine, you shouldn't fool yourself into thinking that you can quit gradually by cutting back on your intake. Once you decide to quit, you are done with smoking. There's no going back and no tapering off. When breaking down and having a puff gets particularly tempting, remind yourself that a moment's indulgence will waste all of the hard effort you've put into quitting so far.

As you get over the initial stress of quitting and your post-tobacco life unfolds in front of you, you'll find that social factors play a big role in your long-term success. It's hard to quit and stay clean if the rest of the people in your social circle are still smoking heavily. While it's not realistic to start avoiding friends because they're smokers, what you can do is find yourself a social outlet where smoking is not a constant temptation. Other ex-smokers who have quit successfully make excellent people to talk to in order to maintain your commitment.

Always remember that giving up tobacco is an outstanding choice to make. It can be a very difficult decision to follow through with, though. Hopefully, the information presented here will help you plan and execute a successful fight against smoking. Good luck!