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How To Do Well At Quitting Smoking By Avoiding Problems


Smokers that want to quit smoking usually only think about what they need to do correctly. Some people may; however, find it beneficial to know what not to do when they're trying to quit. Here are a few problems that you need to avoid if you want to be successful at quitting smoking.

When you first start quitting, you're going to want to eat a lot more. This is because nicotine is a stimulant, and it suppresses your appetite. Right after you quit, you're going to be more hungry than ever. Try to stay away from overeating because you'll start to gain weight. If you are someone who stresses out about their weight, then overeating is going to make things harder on you. Drink a glass of water when you feel hungry and see if that doesn't make you feel a little less so.

Avoid replacing smoking with habits that are also bad. This means to stay away from things like alcohol. It would do you no good to quit smoking only to find yourself addicted to something else. Make sure that you try and give yourself some hobbies that you enjoy so that you can take your mind off of smoking. Stay away from places like the bar or anywhere where smoking is allowed. You need to distance yourself from it as best you can so that the thought of smoking doesn't even enter your mind.

Don't try to quit cold turkey if you have other options available to you. This is the hardest way to quit, and it's something that most people generally don't succeed at. This is because the withdrawal symptoms are quite hard to deal with. There are things like nicotine gum and patches that can get you off of cigarettes a lot easier. You may also find that the newer electronic cigarettes are great at keeping cravings at bay. There are other methods like acupuncture and even hypnosis if you want to try something different when all else fails.

The final thing to remember is that you don't need to beat yourself up over things while you're going through this. You may relapse a few times, and that is okay to do. Most people are going to have a cigarette or two when they are trying to quit. The reason you shouldn't beat yourself up is because you're going to need to keep a positive attitude. Everyone makes a mistake from time to time, so just get right back up and continue on the path of being smoke free.

Now you should know exactly what not to do when you're trying to distance yourself from smoking. This article has given you ways that you can stay away from smoking so that you're a healthier person. Smoking not only costs you money, but it can lead to disastrous health problems in the future. Take your life back from smoking today and you will be sure to live a better quality life.