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Helpful Hints To Quit Smoking For Good


Are you tired of being dependent on cigarettes? Do you want to know how to kick the habit for good? If so, this article has some great suggestions to help you eliminate this unhealthy habit from your life. You can choose to implement them all or choose which ones you think will be the most beneficial.

First, you need to determine what triggers your cigarette cravings. Keep a log each time you have a cigarette. Note how you are feeling and what is going on around you. Understanding your triggers will help you to determine alternate activities.

To deal with the physical cravings, you may choose to use a nicotine patch or gum. Follow the directions carefully, and do not use for longer than recommended. You will experience the greatest success if you use other stop smoking methods in conjunction with the nicotine replacement.

You may find that chewing gum after meals and at other trigger times will help to alleviate some of your cravings. Choose a sugar free gum to keep your teeth safe. Look at your local health food store for an all natural gum.

If you aren't interested in gum, take several deep breaths when you are craving a cigarette. It will help to quiet your mind and increase the level of oxygen in your body.

If you experience particularly intense cravings, you may want to see a hypnotist. A few sessions could help you deal with the mental aspect of your addiction to cigarettes. The money invested in hypnosis will pay off in the long run if you are no longer purchasing cigarettes.

Acupuncture and acupressure are beneficial for a variety of ailments, including cigarette addiction. Look for a practitioner with experience in assisting people in the efforts to quit smoking.

When you decide to quit, make plans to engage in a variety of alternate activities to keep you distracted. The busier you are, the less time you will have to think about cigarettes. Consider a deep cleaning of your home to help eliminate the tobacco odors and reinforce the positive choices you are making in your life.

You should also drink plenty of water during the first few weeks. Cigarettes contain a number of toxins that have been stored in your body during your addiction. Drinking lots of water will help flush them from your body. This will reduce your cravings and gives you a healthy alternate activity.

You may also find an exercise routine beneficial. Consider taking a walk after meals or enrolling in a yoga class. The exercise will stimulate your body to release toxins and increase your overall level of health.

Quitting smoking is a great idea. Now that you have read this article, you know there are a number of ways to deal with your physical and psychological addiction to cigarettes. Know your triggers and find appropriate alternatives to help you transition into a non-smoking lifestyle. If necessary, get profession help through hypnosis or other alternative therapies. Your health is worth the effort it takes to quit smoking!