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Help Yourself Quit Smoking With These 5 Tips


We all know how deadly smoking can be, but that doesn't seem to make it any easier to quit nicotine. Some seem to think that lung cancer is something that happens to other people, while others blatantly and knowingly take the risk of developing cancer and other diseases by regularly smoking. As hard as it may be, it's something you have got to do; this article will try and help.

1. Going cold turkey. Although many claim that this is the most difficult way to quit smoking, others swear it was the only way. Still others suggest that the media is conditioning smokers to believe that they must spend money to quit, meaning support the companies who make all the products to help people get over nicotine addiction. Either way, one thing is for certain; a major factor in your ability to quit for good is your psychological power. With or without aids, it truly is all in your head.

2. Gums, patches and prescriptions. Many products that help smokers quit are surrounded by controversy and medical warnings. You cannot smoke while on the patch because of the dangers of too much nicotine, and the pills may give you horrible nightmares and even alter your mental faculties. Nicotine gums will give you the advantage of keeping your mouth busy,and do not carry a lot of product warnings. As with anything, these items have pluses and minuses and it is up to you to determine which one(s) will help or hinder your efforts.

3. Hypnosis and meditation. It seems that certain people are more susceptible to the influence of hypnosis than others, but why not give it a try? It certainly cannot hurt and the power of suggestion can strongly motivate. Since the self-discipline required to quit lies within your mind, try strengthening your resolve with professional hypnotism and follow it up with meditative practices. This is a battle in your brain and that is where it will be won or lost, no matter what else is going on with your body.

4. Finding something else to do with your hands and mouth. If you can afford it while still maintaining your health, don't worry about putting a few pounds on while you are quitting. For the short term, you must do whatever it takes to get yourself over cigarettes. Preferably, carrot sticks and bottled water can be used to occupy your hands and mouth, until the oral fixation-obsession passes. Try push-ups or a stress ball or pick up a paint brush--anything you can think of to keep yourself from reaching for a smoke!

5. New ways to alleviate stress. Many smokers fall back on stressful events as an excuse to either keep smoking or return to it. Life will always be throwing something at you, so before you commit to quit, adopt new and healthy ways of coping with stress. If you don't divert that negative energy, it may very well drive you back to smoking. Music, yoga, aerobics, support forums, kick-boxing or even therapy are all a means to an end of serious stress that keeps smokers going back for more. Find what works for you prior to taking the quitting plunge!

Maybe the process of quitting smoking is brutal and will have you behaving like a monster for the first few days, but it may also save your life. As soon as you quit, your body begins the healing process and over time, you are statistically further away from peril. Keep these tips in mind, find more, talk to your doctor and get whatever help you need to succeed at quitting and stay smoke-free.