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Five Things You Should Know Before You Quit Smoking


Are you considering quitting smoking? Before you get started, you should do some research on different methods and products. Read this article for some useful tips on this topic.

You need a strategy to deal with the cravings or you will go back to smoking when the withdrawal symptoms appear. Some smokers take care of their cravings by getting a small dose of nicotine from an alternative such as a nicotine patch, some nicotine gum or an e-cigarette. Other smokers get over their cravings by using relaxation techniques, distracting themselves and using self-control. You should know that your cravings will be worse if you have been a smoker for many years.

If you have been smoking for a long time, you will notice some side effects as you quit smoking. You will cough up some phlegm as your lungs clear up and feel stressed all the time. In some cases, smokers even gained weight after they quit. You should go to your doctor to talk about these side effects and find a solution. You can take care of your lungs by using an inhaler and avoid gaining weight by adopting a healthy diet.

You can make a withdrawal easier by eliminating toxins from your body. You should keep your body from producing more toxins by staying away from junk food, coffee and alcohol and get rid of the toxins produced to make up for the lack of nicotine by hydrating yourself properly and sweating as much as possible. Plan on following a good cardio workout or go to a sauna on a daily basis. You will still experience cravings but your withdrawal period will be shorter.

Hypnosis actually works. You can either find CDs and listen to them before you go to sleep or meet with a professional who specializes in hypnotizing smokers. Hypnosis will help you get rid of your psychological addiction to nicotine. After listening to some CDs or being hypnotized by a professional, you will become convinced that you are able to go through a whole day without smoking a cigarette. Do some research on this method and give it a try.

You will be successful if you give yourself enough time and focus on going one day at a time without smoking. If you cannot take the cravings anymore and have a cigarette, do not give up on your efforts to quit smoking. You will progress as long as you manage to smoke less and go for entire days without smoking, even if you occasionally give in and have a cigarette. Reward yourself every time you manage to spend a whole day without smoking. One day you will be able to go through a week without smoking and the cravings will not be as bad.

Quitting smoking is a tough process but you will be rewarded for your hard work. You should think about the health problems you might develop and all the money you could be saving if you are still hesitating.