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Effective Ways To Finally Stop Smoking


Smoking is an addictive, unhealthy habit that so many people have a hard time quitting. If you are having a hard time quitting, know there is a way. Here are just a few ways that have been proven to be effective for many.

1. Decide to quit and make a commitment. This is the most important thing you can do. You have to draw a line in the sand and not cross that line. Whether you quit cold turkey or gradually stop, you need to make a conscious, clear decision that you are quitting smoking. It's a tough road for a lot of people, but the one thing you must hold on to is the commitment you have made to get free from tobacco, no matter what.

2. Check out prescription medication that may help you. The first stop after deciding to quit is your doctor. Your doctor can tell you about the drugs out there to help you stop smoking and reduce your dependence on nicotine. Make sure you listen carefully to what he says about the side effects of these medications, how long you need to take them, and how effective they have been in helping people. You may also wish to talk to your doctor about non-prescription supplements and herbs that are rumored to help. He can help you understand what is a good idea and what is not.

3. Seek support from friends, relatives and strangers. You are also going to need to have supportive people around you. Your family and friends should be there to encourage you and to be considerate of your decision to stop smoking. If you have loved ones who are smokers, try to avoid asking too often if they want to quit with you. Everyone has to do it in their own time.

Even if you have great family and friends who support you, you might want to join a support group, either online or offline. A group of strangers can sometimes be more objective than those who know you. They can give you another perspective and if they are in the same spot you are, they can suggest things to you so that quitting goes more easily for you. You might also find that you can help someone else along the way too, which can make you feel good about yourself.

4. Do something nice for yourself if you stop smoking. We all love a reward system. After all, you work for the paycheck, and that's how it is for a number of things in life. We all want the payoff. Therefore, giving yourself something to look forward to can help you really get excited about being free from cigarettes.

It is hard to stop smoking, but you can do it. If you commit to doing it, you will be more likely to stop. Use the information in this article and set yourself up for success. Don't be discouraged; just set your mind on your goal and you can finally be free from tobacco.