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Stop Smoking

Do You Need Help With Quitting Smoking?


Quitting smoking is very hard but a lot of smokers manage to quit. If you are thinking about quitting, you should read this article and start making efforts to get rid of this bad habit.

Prepare yourself by reducing the amount of tobacco you smoke in a day. You should count how many cigarettes you smoke and try identifying the kind of situation in which you usually smoke. A lot of smokers always have a cigarette after a meal or during their break at work. If this is your case, you need to get rid of one habit at a time either by avoiding the situation in which you usually smoke or introducing a new habit. You should also schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about your plans of quitting and get some useful advice from a professional.

Find a product you can use to replace your cigarettes. Getting an e-cigarette is a good way to get your daily dose of nicotine while getting the sensation that you are actually smoking. Using nicotine gum will help you reduce your stress while providing you with the nicotine you crave. If your cravings are keeping you from focusing on your job, you should get some nicotine patches. Once you place a patch on your skin, you will get small doses of nicotine but will not be able to smoke or you will feel sick. This means you will need to remove your patch and watch a few stressful hours before you can smoke. Try a product and switch to a different one if you are not getting any results.

Quitting cold turkey is a solution you should consider if you have been smoking only for a couple of years. If you have smoked for most of your life, quitting cold turkey will cause you to go through a very hard withdrawal period and you will get some side effects such as a bad cough that could be avoided if you quit more slowly. You can try quitting cold turkey and use relaxation or meditation techniques to keep your stress and cravings under control. You can make the withdrawal period much shorter by exercising regularly, going to a sauna so you can sweat and adopting a healthy diet to reduce the amount of toxins present in your body.

If you have a hard time with staying motivated, you need to find some people who can help you. Look for a support group in your area or find an online community. Joining a support group will give you the opportunity to share some tips and talk about your difficulties with other smokers who are going through the same things. If competition helps you stay motivated, you will be able to engage in friendly competition with other smokers. And you will also become accountable to the people who support you and will be less likely to give up on your efforts if you feel like they are expecting you to succeed.

Use these tips to put together your own strategy to quit smoking. Take all the time you need and focus on finding an efficient way to deal with your stress and withdrawal.