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Common Mistakes People Make When They Try To Quit Smoking


Quitting smoking is very hard, but you will be successful if you use efficient strategies. Keep reading to find out more about the common mistakes you should avoid.

A lot of smokers are unable to quit because they are not prepared for the stress and other negative emotions experienced. You should be ready to go through some difficult times, but things can be easier if you learn some stress management techniques or plan activities that will help you keep your stress down. If your stress keeps you more functioning properly, you should consider taking a week off from work so you can quit and have some time for yourself to relax.

Products such as nicotine gums, patches or e-cigarettes will help you quit if you progressively replace your cigarettes with one of these products and then focus on reducing your dependence on the product. If you remain dependent to your nicotine gums, patches or your e-cigarette, you will eventually go back to smoking. You should use these products to make cravings disappear but make sure you progressively reduce the doses of nicotine you expose your body to.

Do not attempt to quit by yourself. Some people manage to quit without having anyone to help you, but there are resources you can use if you cannot do it alone. Join a support group or hire a coach to help you quit. You could also meet with a counselor to talk about your progress or find a friend who wants to quit too. Having the right people to help you will help you stay motivated.

Do not give up entirely on quitting if you have a cigarette after you decide you were not going to smoke anymore. You should know that cravings will intensify a few hours after smoking a cigarette; do your best to go through the rest of the day without smoking again. Your efforts are not ruined if you have a cigarette, as long as you were able to go through a long period of time without smoking. You can then focus on going through an even longer period of time without a cigarette.

Quitting will be a lot harder if it is the only change you introduce to your lifestyle. Smoking is probably associated withe certain activities or places; you need to avoid circumstances in which you usually smoke. It will also be a lot easier to fight cravings if you work on eliminating the toxins in your body, for instance by adopting a healthy diet and exercising three times a week. You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible. You will feel stress as the toxins leave your body but these negative feelings will not last long if you do everything you can to eliminate toxins as quickly as possible.

These tips will help you quit smoking within less than six months. Meet with your doctor if you are not sure which methods you should try or if nothing seems to work.