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Choose Your Next Approach to Quitting Smoking


If you haven't stopped smoking there are likely reasons that you haven't ranging from frustration with failed attempts to do so to preoccupation with what you see as more pressing needs in your life. Use the suggestions below for staying open-minded about different ways you can think about and approach quitting smoking.

Keep the idea of quitting smoking in your mind even if many past attempts have failed. Just like thinking about anything else, by keeping thoughts of quitting smoking in your mind you'll notice different methods that you might consider and different ideas you hear about that you might be able to apply to improve your chances of quitting smoking.

Before you try any medication to help you quit smoking, make sure that you believe in it. If you aren't sure about the side effects of a medication or whether you want to substitute medication for cigarettes, this approach will likely not work as well for you as it does for others.

Don't look for support from friends or family members who tend to dismiss your emotional upset as stemming from some other source whether it's your frustration at work or your need for a cigarette. While in some instances this can be partially true, it communicates that person's inability to consider that he or she might be triggering your feelings of being upset by something they're doing.

Consider why other aspects of your personal well-being are prioritized over smoking in your life. Whether it's healthy eating or a low-calorie diet or even getting your hair cut, why is smoking less of a priority on your personal care scale? If you can begin to prioritize quitting smoking as part of your overall personal care regimen, you might be better motivated to quit smoking.

Think of other things in your life you've changed your mind about such as your attitudes about soft drinks or your attitudes about eating organic foods and consider what changed your mind. Try to incorporate this same approach to changing your mind about smoking.

Don't hang out with people who scold you about smoking if you don't respond to this sort of treatment. It's amazing how intolerance can actually worsen a problem in some instances. The effectiveness of being scolded or shamed into quitting smoking depends on how you normally respond to efforts by others to use these tools to control your behavior. Test your own response to this approach by determining the last time someone told you to do or not do something to determine whether this approach works for you.

Look for inspiration for quitting smoking the same way you look for inspiration in other areas of your life. Whether it's religious sayings or humor or research, look for validation of your efforts and your approach from outside sources.

Quitting smoking is difficult and you should give yourself many options in choosing an approach to quitting. Use the suggestions above for considering different approaches you can choose from when you're trying to quit smoking.