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Stop Smoking

Becoming Happily Free Of Tobacco


The biggest reason that quitting smoking is a tough thing to do is that you feel so good doing it. It's a relaxing thing to do and that can be hard to give up. The only way to quit smoking is to find something that is more compelling than tobacco. This article helps you think of some things that you can look forward to when you stop smoking.

1. Generally people admire people who have the strength to stop smoking. This is true of most adults who have heard of or experienced how difficult smoking is to stop. You will get a lot of respect for being able to stop something so addictive. You will be able to be proud of yourself and hold your head high. You can even help others to stop smoking in the future.

2. You will smell better and attract more people. Those who smoke, especially long-time smokers, don't realize that they smell like smoke. They may have heard so, but until you stop smoking and regain your strong sense of smell you are not aware what smokers can smell like. You will likely be more attractive to people as well. That may seem silly now, but when you stop smoking you might just notice how much more popular you will become.

3. You will be healthier. And not just healthier, you will cut your risk for any number of diseases. You cut your chances for lung cancer, throat cancer, mouth cancer and numerous other diseases. Quitting smoking will actually help you to breathe easier, smell more and have more stamina. Your cough will likely disappear and you will notice that your sense of taste starts to return as well.

4. You can save money for activities that you enjoy. One thing you will discover you like right away is having more money to do with as you please. You can take your cigarette money and start saving for a trip to a place you've always wanted to go. You can take the extra money and pay bills. You can buy clothes or go out to eat. There are endless possibilities for that cigarette money, and that can be one of the best reasons to quit smoking.

5. You can stay indoors. This can be fantastic if you have to go outside constantly in the winter months so you can smoke. You won't need to take smoke breaks, and you can use that time to be productive. You can do a bit of extra work at your job, you can stay warm and cozy during January and you can spend time talking to nonsmokers you may not have talked to before.

Changing your mind about smoking takes some time, but you should stop focusing on smoking and start focusing on all the other things life has to offer. Being free of tobacco allows you the freedom to take life by the hand; use the ideas in this article to help you see the benefits of forgetting all about tobacco.