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Math And Muscle Building Explained

Building muscle is quite the numbers game, and you are about to find out exactly why this is true. Continue reading to find out what numbers matter in your muscle building plan in order to build that physique you desire.

When you're muscle building, you need a huge amount of protein. You are supposed to be getting it in a variety of different ways as well. You want protein from meat in a major way, so make sure you eat a variety of different meats. You need to determine the amount or "number" of grams of protein that your body needs each day.

You also need to know what your metabolic rate is. This is a number that is important because everyone's metabolism works in different ways. Since your eating and muscle building is directly linked, you're going to need to know what your metabolic rate is so you can determine the amount of calories you should have as well as your muscle building regimen.

As mentioned already, you have to determine how many calories you should have each day, and this is another "number." Math plays a huge role when it comes to muscle building, and you should be starting to see this now. After you have determined your caloric intake, it's sticking to the rest of your plan.

Next you must determine how many hours a week you are going to exercise. You must also determine how many days and the amount of time each day. There needs to be a set plan so that your body is optimized for muscle building.

You have to have a variety of different exercises that you participate in. If you do, you also must remember to switch up your exercises from time to time. You also need these on a chart or in a notebook or something so you have your "set plan." Therefore, as you keep track of this, you must be keeping track of the "number" of different kinds of exercises that you are doing each time.

What are your vitamin and supplement requirements? You must know this number as well. This means the total number of vitamins and supplements plus the number of milligrams of each daily.

Have you checked your cholesterol lately? You need to know what your cholesterol is in order to stay on top of the muscle building process. Consult your physician during a checkup to find this out.

You also need to know what your blood pressure levels are. At your next checkup, take care of this as well.

Are you getting enough sleep? What is the number of hours of sleep each day that you get, and are you being consistent? No one said be robotic, but muscle building is all about numbers so you have to stay on top of your game.

What is your weight? This has everything to do with the muscle building process as well as your short-term and long-term goals.

Hopefully you not only have a better idea of how math applies to muscle building, but you also have learned very helpful tips as you build your plan. Remember what you've read here, and continue to strengthen your muscle building plan as you find out more information.