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Herbal Medicine

´╗┐Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing

Herbal medicine and natural healing are two areas of the health care field that have caught on like wildfire over the past several years. With over 80% of the world's population using herbs as one aspect of their primary care, it is no wonder that alternative medical techniques are gaining so much popularity. But are herbal remedies and alternative medicine techniques based on hype or are they the real deal?

Hype or fact - a closer look at herbal medicines

There are numerous advantages and some obvious disadvantages of herbal medicine such as the fact that herbs should not be used for long term care and you still need to talk to your health care provider about interactions with pharmaceutical drugs, correct dosage amounts and various other concerns. There is no doubt given the definition of the word drug, which is any substance that has a physiological effect on the body, that herbal remedies do have some effect on the body. The amount of effectiveness and the safeness of the herbal formulation is what is under scrutiny. Numerous useful drugs have been derived from plant sources but so have alkaloid and other deadly poisons. However, if you really want a more natural approach to health care, here are just a few of the reasons why herbal medicine is so popular.

When it comes to herbal medicine, advantages include the fact that they are cost effective and convenient. Herbal medicines are generally less expensive than their pharmaceutical counterparts. Herbs have an absence of serious side effects when compared to pharmaceuticals, they are widely available and simple to prepare. Advantages such as these make the difference. Finally when it comes to our bodies, pharmaceuticals introduce completely new molecules which can lead to problems. The effects of numerous herbal medicines have been proven through research and when you consider the fact that many of our pharmaceutical drugs have key ingredients that come from herbs in the first place, it is easier to understand that herbal medicines are more than just hype.

Is herbal medicine right for you?

Even though herbal medicine is gaining popularity today it may not be the right choice for you. The first step in making this decision is to talk to your health care provider. They know your medical history and can advise you on the best solutions. Many traditional health care providers use both alternative and traditional treatments because the role that traditional medicine typically plays is being changed as more people look for a natural approach to healing. Because so many health care providers are willing to use traditional and alternative methods it is easier than ever for people who want to use the herbal medicine as well as traditional prescription drugs to get sound advice from their medical care provider.

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