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As a parent, a healthy diet for teenagers in your home should be one of the first things that you think about. When a child is born, most parents strive to provide the healthiest diet. As they grow to toddlers and school ages, most parents supply children with all of their meals and make sure that each is balanced. But, when children become teenagers, they are often facing many different changes including preparing much of their own meals for themselves. A healthy diet for teenagers is just as important as it was when they were young, but the challenge is convincing them of this.

What Teens Need

One of the first considerations is to understand what teenagers need in terms of their diet. For example, a healthy diet for teenagers should include these things.

- Protein for muscle building that is happening throughout their body, especially boys who are working on their physical appearance. Protein should be lean and shouldn't be fatty meats.

- Vegetables and fruits are essential because they provide many of the important nutrients any person needs. You will want to provide them with unique ways to eat these so that they are eating these foods without fighting you on it!

- Whole grains instead of "white" foods are also important. Replace their white bread with whole wheat bread. Rice and pasta can also easily be changed without much flavor change.

Dieting For Teens

The other side of the coin for a healthy diet for teenagers is the fact that many teens actually strive to lose weight, whether they need to or not. Because nutrition is so important at this stage in a teenager's life, it is imperative that you strive to find the best way to lose weight. For teenagers that do want to lose weight, the best route for them to take is not to remove whole food groups from their diet, but instead to minimize the portions. Here are some tips.

- Reduce the number of calories considered by ten percent.

- Eat less fried and highly fatty foods. Sugars can also be a problematic area and should be minimized.

- Reduce the portion sizes that are consumed. Take a smaller portion of food in and it can't be stored throughout your body.

- Consumer a supplement that provides you with all of the vitamins and minerals that you need. Look for one designed for teenagers.

- Get exercise. Probably the most important part of a health diet for teenagers is their health in terms of exercise.

A healthy diet for teenagers should provide them with the nutrients that they need to power through their very active lives. Strive for health!