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A healthy diet for athletes will ultimately define just how well the athlete does in their game. Food is your body's fuel and the quality of the fuel that you give it determines how well you actually perform. Give it nothing but chips and soda and you will surely find yourself facing a lack of energy within the first quarter of your game. As an athlete, there are important foods that are a must that will give you energy, build much for you and keep every muscle and organ in your body working at its optimal level. What goes into a healthy diet for athletes, then?

What's In Your Diet?

There are several key aspects of your diet you simply can not miss. There are some things that are simply not going to add anything beneficial to your body. The wrong foods in your diet will promote weight loss and will stop you from building essential muscle that you need. In fact, you also need to monitor the amount of calories that you consider. In a healthy diet for athletes, it becomes imperative to eat smaller meals that are correctly designed for optimal muscle building and to have smaller snacks in between which are also healthy.

One key element that should be in any athlete's diet is that of protein. Protein is ideal because it adds the nutrients to your diet that help to make up muscle. In a healthy diet for athletes, you need protein so that with each of your workouts and with each game that you play you develop larger and stronger muscles. This gives you more strength, more endurance and helps to keep your muscles healthier too by preventing injury. Consume lean protein in the morning, workout, and then remove the carbohydrates from your dinners for optimal muscle building and toning benefits.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips for a healthy diet for athletes.

- Carbohydrates are used as fuel, consume them before events.

- Carbohydrates should be a key element in your diet, up to 60 percent in fact.

- Get 15 percent of your diet from protein for muscle building.

- Add a multi vitamin to your diet as most do not get enough nutrients (increase your range of vegetable consumption too.)

A healthy diet for athletes should be a diet that anyone follows because of just how well it provides your body with the nutrients it needs to do what you command it to do. Improve your diet and improve your health as well as your performance.