Tips To Staying Healthy By Controlling Diabetes


Tips to Staying Healthy By Controlling Diabetes


For many who are diagnosed with diabetes, negativity can easily affect their life. The good news is it does not have to be so. Sure, it will require effort to implement lifestyle changes and learn about the disease. Also, some previous behavior, such as overeating or consuming too many sweets will have to be controlled. If you educate yourself and accept it as a lifestyle change, it should not affect your quality of life. The following tips should help keep you healthy by keeping your diabetes in check.

One of the most important things a diabetic can do is learn as much as possible about the condition. When someone has diabetes it means his or her pancreas is not making insulin. This is known as type 1 or insulin-dependent diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, your pancreas still makes some insulin, but the cells are not able to use the insulin well. The glucose stays circulating in your blood and can damage a number of organs.

It is important to approach diabetes control as a lifestyle. Implement a holistic approach to controlling it. Planning your meals and monitoring your diet on a daily basis, along with following a consistent exercise program are very important. Also, being diligent about monitoring your blood glucose levels and documenting them should be a part of your daily habits. If you need to improve your blood glucose levels, do so by having daily short term goals.

Since the key to controlling your diabetes is keeping blood glucose levels in a normal range, eating the right foods in the right combinations and portion size is crucial. Eating too many carbohydrates at once will spike your blood sugar levels, so having a portion control system is a must.

Most doctors will tell you having a consistent exercise program will work wonders in keeping diabetes under control. In research studies, it did not matter if the exercise program was aerobic or resistance training, both worked equally well. The best is a combination of resistance training, alternating days of aerobic exercise. In order to enjoy exercising and make it into a lifelong pursuit, it is important to have goals. This results in great satisfaction when you achieve those goals.

Diabetics worry if their blood sugar levels become too high or low with good reason. If your blood glucose levels are elevated, it could mean your diabetes is out of control. It is recommended you drink several glasses of water, but no beverages containing caffeine. Eat your regular meals and monitor your blood glucose level every four hours. If your blood sugar level drop too low, your body will not be able to work properly. It is recommended you ingest a quick acting carbohydrate, such as glucose tablets, hard candy or regular soda. Also, keep monitoring your glucose levels afterwards. For both constant high or low blood sugar conditions, it is recommended you contact your doctor or hospital if the condition persists.

Diabetes does not have to cloud your outlook on life. Many people with this condition live a healthy, happy life. The important thing to always remember is to make a lifetime commitment towards managing it.