Five Rules To Live By When Dealing With Diabetes


Five Rules to Live by When Dealing with Diabetes


If you're unfortunate enough to be struggling with diabetes, you already know how much of a lifestyle change everything is. It's imperative that you follow some solid guidelines in order to properly fight the condition. If you leave the disease untreated, or even if you're less than vigilant about your care, you could suffer tremendously as a result.

There is a long list of symptoms that you have to watch out for if you're living with diabetes. Before you know you have the disease, the symptoms can be fairly vague and innocuous, like a lack of energy, frequent urination, blurred vision, and excessive thirst. These symptoms could be due to practically anything. But once you have the disease, the symptoms you experience are extremely life-threatening, such as hearing loss. This could be a sign of something very dire, so always be aware of how well you're hearing.

You may think that simply limiting your carbohydrate intake and making sure to eat regularly is enough to stabilize your blood glucose levels, but you will often find that self planning is not the way to go. Only someone with enough experience can help you to properly understand how to eat with this disease. A professional nutritionist will know for sure how to help you plan your meals. That pertains to what you eat and when you eat it. Even if you're only consulting with a nutritionist initially, it's well worth it.

What exactly is a senior-friendly blood glucose meter? Well, think about features that make the meter easier to hold. Think about features that allow for easy use without so much pain inflicted. Our pain threshold diminishes as we age, and constantly pricking one's skin can be torturous over long durations. Eyesight also begins to fail as we age, so a meter with large, easy-to-read numbers is imperative for older individuals who need to monitor their blood sugar.

Are you an active individual? The truth of the matter is that if you have developed diabetes, you probably weren't being as active as you should have been. Yes, there are always instances where people catch it genetically, despite their exercise habits. But by and large, diabetes is something that can be prevented. This means that you weren't being physically active enough. So now is the perfect time to ramp up your physical activity and begin getting into the best shape of your life. Proper fitness levels will help you to maintain normal blood glucose levels, so never forget to exercise.

You could theoretically feel great and look great and truly feel as if nothing about your life is wrong or out of place. Once taking your insulin and checking your blood sugar becomes second nature, you may forget that you have the disease altogether. But that still doesn't mean you should skip any scheduled check-ups or screenings. You never know when something could be wrong.

Once you develop diabetes, your life is going to change. How you handle these changes will ultimately tell the tale on how you handle the disease. Be sure to implement the tips you have learned here to help you manage your diabetes.